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    Juvenile Youth see the Possibilities of a Brighter Future

    Once a week, Pure Game visits Juvenile Hall to provide its character, leadership and mentoring programs. These teens have made poor choices in the past and are at a pivotal crossroad to either make better choices or to continue on the path that got them in trouble. Understanding the challenges… Read More

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    3 Easy Ways to Support Pure Game

    If you’d like to support Pure Game through your every day shopping, here are 3 easy ways you can contribute: 1. Link your Ralphs Rewards Card to Pure Game You can contribute to Pure Game each time you shop at Ralphs when you connect your rewards card to the community rewards… Read More

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Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that provides mentors “Field Champions” to help children develop character through experiential learning. Pure Game’s character education curriculum is facilitated through the game of soccer.