Partnership Programs

We use the most popular sport in the world to teach kids how to break free from their current circumstances and negative mindsets. 


Leadership & Mentoring

Pure Game play and learning strengthens children’s’ self-esteem, which leads to their having greater confidence in themselves. 


Outreach Programs

By partnering with local churches we are able to take the Pure Game model and replicate it in countries around the world.


Recreation Programs

We create real time opportunities to practice, without fear of pressure or failure.

Pure Game FOOTY-GOLF Classic
Footy Golf Home

This is the first tournament of its kind in Southern California, combining the techniques of soccer and the disciplines of golf into one high-energy game of play. Instead of clubs, we use our legs to drive and put down the course. Like Pure Game, the first rule is . . . “have fun,” so family participation is encouraged. The game is a new craze in other parts of the world, and Pure Game is excited to introduce Footy-Golf locally for the first time.