We Believe Every Child Needs a Champion puregame_10

Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that provides mentors “Field Champions” to help children develop character through experiential learning. Pure Game’s character education curriculum is facilitated through the game of soccer.

The beauty and uniqueness of the Pure Game system is that we use the most popular sport in the world to teach kids how to break free from their current circumstances and negative mindsets. We promote a life-changing message of growth and empowerment that helps develop every aspect of a child’s life through inclusion and affirmation.

Why We Do What We Do

Vulnerable children are asking the same questions as the rest of us. . .  “Am I good WHY copy enough?”, “Do I fit in?”, and “Have I got what it takes?” Sadly, there are few positive sources. This leads most of them to associate and connect with that which is familiar. They will follow whomever and whatever surrounds them, and that is typically the bad influencer. Pure Game is seeking to break this cycle.

How We Do It

Pure Game offers cooperative soccer programs to organizations working with vulnerable WHY children. These programs are generally 10-weeks in length and include the Pure Game STAR & SOCCER character education curriculum. Throughout the STAR & SOCCER  system the children will learn about positive values and how to apply them to their daily lives. We establish safe environments for children to be encouraged and motivated. This creates a platform to demonstrate to the children their actions have consequences (good and bad).