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Become a champion while having fun

Every child needs a Champion and it could be you

The beauty of the Pure Game model is that its primary engagement tool is based on the most popular and accessible sport in the world – soccer.

By engaging youth in a unique format of soccer that promotes inclusive team play, we are able to disrupt the negative effects of power alliances and the win at all cost mentality.

Sport is a positive method to strengthen young people’s ability to shape their own future, become active citizens and commit themselves to building up their communities.

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Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, dedicated change-makers who are working to create a world of positive influencers who will lead future generations by redefining what is possible. Our staff understands the need for positive role models and mentors because many of them live in the communities we serve. They have local knowledge and expertise that helps them connect with the children in a way that creates lasting change

What We Do

Our positive youth development program uses sport to create positive youth engagement. We partner with schools and community-based organizations to deliver a unique non-competitive sports program. The focus of this program is the development of the child, not the athlete.
In other words, we create a safe environment where children feel they belong, can be physically active, and learn life skills through various sports activities. Research confirms that healthier students make better learners, and our school partner principals report their students being more engaged in the classroom and better-behaved during recess.

Why It Works

Getting kids involved with sport can be as easy as creating fun environments where they feel welcome and at home.  By not focusing on skills and drills, teams, and leagues, we create an attractive space for more kids to become active and engaged. Research shows that fun is the number one reason for kids getting involved with a sport.  Research also shows that offering children 90 minutes or more of physical activity per week improves the student's well-being and academic success.

The Need For Sport

We have found through our work that youth today suffer from a problem of not feeling good enough. Not feeling good enough creates a fear of failing, and this fear is preventing kids from trying new activities, engaging fully, and becoming their best. Research backs the notion that quality sports programming can be associated with improved mental health. This conclusion makes sense since increased activity provides psychological benefits, including reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps students develop strategies to manage their emotions and increases their self-esteem.

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