“We believe every child needs a Champion”

Our innovative teaching platform infuses a cooperative and inclusive style of sports-based activities, with character enrichment curriculum, to engage children in a unique experiential learning process.
Through structured physical activity, health & life skills education and mentoring, we teach kids to be self confident, resilient, and equipped to make better life choices, leading to:
• Greater Academic Achievement
• Improved Health & Lifestyle choices
• Positive Social & Community Engagement.

Mission & Vision of Pure Game

The mission of Pure Game is to provide positive mentors who champion the development of a child’s self-esteem and confidence, inspiring them to believe in themselves and the possibilities of a better life
Our vision is a community of children and youth that are realizing their potential, contributing to the community as young leaders, and confidently making positive choices that reflect their unique strengths and personalities.

The Pure Game SPIRIT of Mentorship

SPIRIT is an organizational philosophy embraced by all Pure Game staff and volunteers. It states that we all have value, that our lives – as well as the lives of the children we serve – have meaning, and that we all have something
unique to contribute to the world. SPIRIT represents the following commitment to ourselves and our youth:
• Shape a positive environment where we can teach, coach, protect, encourage, and give hope
• Prepare ourselves for serving others by continually feeding ourselves with character-strengthening assets
• Inspire creativity through unique experiential learning opportunities and sports – foremost the game of soccer
• Reassure ourselves of our purpose, that the lives we serve matter, and we are agents for change and hope
• Impart moral truths – through our loving actions first, words second
• Teach by example, exemplifying the STAR SOCCER and SUCCESS models for change and inspiration


By establishing a safe, fun and encouraging environment, our Field Champions can deliver the Pure Game value- based curriculum. Using an innovative teaching platform infusing sports-based activities, Filed Champions engage and connect with your staff through a unique experiential learning process. This process develops and improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes; equipping staff with a valuable processing tool to work-through challenging situations, setting and achieving realistic goals.


Two-Hour engagement program     $1,500

Three-Hour engagement program   $2,100

Four-Hour engagement program    $2,700