impact a child

every child needs a champion and it could be you

Creating an impact couldn't be easier

Think back to your childhood. Did you have a particular person in your life who became a champion of growth for you? If you did, then you know how important that person was. If you didn’t, then you know how much of a hole existed in your life.  

You might not be in the position to be able to impact a child’s life directly, but the Pure Game Field Champion can.

By supporting the program, you will ensure more children get to experience the positive influence of a mentor and champion.

The beauty of the Pure Game model is that we use the most popular and accessible sport in the world to engage kids – soccer. Engaging youth in this unique format of soccer, we promote inclusive team play. We can also disrupt the negative effects of power alliances and the win at all cost mentality. We make it fun and inclusive so more kids can join in on the fun.

Soccer is an excellent method to strengthen young people’s ability to shape their future, become active citizens, and commit themselves to build up their communities.

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