Impact a community

help community partners experience the positive outcomes of Pure Game

Community Partners need your help

Our positive youth development program uses sport to create positive youth engagement.

We partner with schools and community-based organizations to deliver a unique non-competitive sports program. The focus of this program is the development of the child, not the athlete. In other words, we create safe environments where children feel they belong, can be physically active, and learn life skills through various sports activities.

Getting kids involved with sport can be as easy as creating fun environments where they feel welcome and at home. By not focusing on skills and drills, teams, and leagues, we create an attractive space for more kids to become active and engaged. Research shows that fun is the number one reason for kids getting involved with a sport.

Our community partners include other nonprofit organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brother Bog Sister, and His House. 

Because these organization are nonprofits, like Pure Game, not all can afford inexpensive Pure Game cost of $4,000 per year. 

This is where you can help. 

By subsidizing the annual partnership fee, you will help community partners experience the positive benefits of the Pure Game programming.