Pure Game Diary: Helping Students Focus at School

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Day in and day out, the Pure Game program is helping young students to understand the importance of education. And it’s working. The feedback we are getting from school principals underlines just how successful we are in getting through to the kids we are working with. Here’s one example…

Gilbert’s Elementary is an example of an outstanding lunch Program. When we worked with 1st-6th graders within an 8-week time span, all students were following the Pure Game model. Students were more respectful and had more focus on encouraging each other positively. Outstanding students were awarded with encouragement balls in December during their student of the month assembly. The positive results were also noticed by Principal Santana. She was pleased with the program and commented on the significant decrease in referrals with the students involved in the Pure Game program. Principal Santana wants to continue to work together because the health benefits of the program help increase the engagement of the students in the classroom. 

Heriberto Lopez 

Field Champion


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