Pure Game STAR Winter Soccer Camp

Thirty students from Savanna School District were lucky enough to be part of the 3-day Winter Soccer camp put on by Pure Game at Stanton Central Park from December 27-December 29.

Some of the students were determined soccer players, and others were beginners – but everybody had a great time.

At the beginning of camp it was each person for him/herself, but by the end of camp, students were playing as a team, and showing concern for each other.

Coaches remind students that the rules that they followed in the game were also the rules they could use for life. It was great for the parents to see a soccer camp where the focus was on character building and teamwork rather than on soccer skills. The students really took note of what their coaches were teaching and had fun in the process.

Every single student was passionate about being in the game whether they had ever played soccer or not. There was so much energy out on the field it made our jobs much easier! And while talking to the students about STAR and other important words, we had so many of them eager to get involved in the conversation.

The success continued after an amazing Thanksgiving camp. The impact of the Pure Character Curriculum was easily noticeable within two days.

Special thanks to Ann Nguyen – it definitely would not be made possible without her. Her dedication to getting students involved in the camp was outstanding.


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