The Power of Encouragement

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Encouragement. We all need it, and we all perform better when we receive it.

At Pure Game, we have something we like to call the “Monsters Inc.” effect (Yes, Disney’s movie). In this movie, the monster used fear to create power for their world. But when Sully met Boo, the protagonists, they discovered that giggles and laughter produced more power. It is the fun, engaging environment that gives Pure Game all its power.

Like Sully, we were not aware of this power. We started to notice children responding positively to our encouragement. We were curious about this and so dove into the research that was available on neuroscience. We found that dopamine plays a significant role in the motivation aspect of reward-motivated behavior. In other words, when kids engaged in conduct that raised their dopamine, they were more likely to engage in that activity again to get the same dopamine hit.

Stretch yourself and practice encouragement with us this weekend! You can view our video challenge at the link below and on our social media channels.

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