Impact Champion

Become a champion and make an impact

Impact a child

The Pure Game sponsorship programs are monthly contributions. From $5 to $150 per month, you can become a Child Champion. Your sponsorship will provide positive role models who will help children understand their worth and value in life. You will be a changemaker!

Impact a school

Your support will subsidize a school program. With a single donation of $500 or more, you can become a School Champion. You will create a positive culture that has a lasting effect on the lives of children. Y our investment will empower youth to reach their full potential.

“Knowing I am sponsoring a child in the program makes me feel positive. I know I am helping a student participate in a fun soccer program, and it’s not costing the family a dime to be part of it. Pure Game also comes with the added bonus for me because I know they are learning how to be good human beings. I wish I had a program like this when I was a kid.”
Ashley Tate
Impact Champion