Become a Champion

Change a Kids Life

Kid are struggle to make sense of a confusing world, they need a Champion!

Through our, we have found  that many kids suffer from a problem of not feeling good enough.

The external pressures of being the best, fastest, smartest, strongest, basically the “est” in any given field is creating a disconnected, distraction seeking generation.

Not feeling good enough also creates a fear of failing, and this fear is preventing kids from becoming their best. 

Kids Need A Champion

Champions teach indispensable life skills – When someone teaches kids life skills, they are given the opportunity to thrive.

Champions demonstrate they care – When kids know that someone cares, they feel safe and are ready to engage. 

Champions engage kids with a playful heart – When we meet kids where they are at ease, the playing field, they learn and grow.

“Dear 16-year-old self, believe in yourself, be strong, have confidence, take responsibility for your actions. Most importantly surround yourself with positive people who are not afraid to push you, who make you laugh, and help you become a better person. You have what it takes, you are amazing and awesome. I know you don’t think so right now but believe me stay with it and your life is going to be incredible. You will make a difference in the world. I know this because I see your potential and I believe in you.”
James Granger
Influence Champion