Jamie Johnson Literacy

Inspiring young readers with the excitement of PureGame and the magic of Jamie Johnson

The PureGame Character Club is a read and play after-school program for kids

PureGame Field Champions will lead students in a Read and Play Session during an after-school program for one hour.

Sessions are divided into 20 of play to get the young bodies moving and minds open. We will then read for 20 minutes from the Jamie Johnson book series. This will be wrapped up with a final 20-minute play session that will incorporate lessons learned from the book. 

Field based curriculum draws upon the important lessons from the Jamie Johnson stories. These sessions bring character values and traits to life through moderated peer to peer discussion.

The program is aimed to engage children in a way that is meaningful, fun and relatable.

The PureGame character Club is an 8-week after-school program running 2 days a week. Every child receives a copy of Jamie Johnson: Born to Play in either Spanish or English

It may be possible for schools to fund the program through the LCAP, English and second language learning section.

Introducing soccer legend Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson is a boy with a dream. A boy who lives and breathes soccer, who dreams of becoming a famous soccer player.

It may be the fantasy of most boys his age, but Jamie has the talent to make his dreams come true.

Join Jamie with his struggle to settle into a new country, enter a new school, and make the all-important soccer team.

Connecting with kids by speaking to the heart

“Your book made the difference between my nine-year-old son wanting to read or not wanting to read. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my frustrated non- reader was sitting on the bench after school reading his book instead of playing soccer! Thank you so much…You are speaking to his heart.”

K.COTTER – Parent (Oregon, USA)

“My students have already gone crazy with the first book. They have been begging to read every recess, lunch, and independent work time opportunity. This is not typical. Can you get us some more copies anytime soon (like yesterday)? I can’t imagine when the class next door finds out about this craze!”

VIRGINIA PEREZ – Elementary School Teacher

The Story of PureGame

PureGame is a non-profit organization that provides mentors “Field Champions” to help children develop character through experiential learning.

PureGame’s character education curriculum is facilitated through the game of soccer. The beauty and uniqueness of the PureGame system is that we use the most popular sport in the world to teach kids how to break free from their current circumstances and negative mindsets.

We promote a life-changing message of growth and empowerment that helps develop every aspect of a child’s life through inclusion and affirmation.

PureGame provides character education to over 50 Elementary, Middle and High schools across Orange County. The programs encourage fitness and interaction between school children and PureGame is the key delivery partner of the Jamie Johnson program in Southern California.

Delivered by our highly experienced Field Champions, children will get to read, interact and learn life lessons from the Jamie Johnson series.

How to Secure your Jamie Johnson Program?

Tell us a little about your schools literacy needs and we will create a program that fits.

After you submit your application, a PureGame Jamie Johnson representative will contact you to arrange an onboarding meeting.

Once you’ve completed your application and connected with our representative, you’re ready to provide your students with the amazing PureGame Character Club..


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