Pure Game

Every study of youth development shows that participating in sports can have a huge impact on the social, emotional, mental, and physical wellness of our children. If we are to address the changing demands and challenges of growing up in today’s society, we must undertake a radical reinvention of our approach. To achieve this shift, the Pure Game mission revolves around creating a positive youth development model that places the child in control of their activity, intensity and competition. Our community-centered programs allow kids to experience the fun and joy of play, while nurturing the whole child.


Virtual Support Network

Supports the schools and families we serve by providing live Zoom classes to engage kids in fun games and character education, Remote Recess recordings to keep kids active at home, and Social and Emotional content to help strengthen wellbeing. 

Youth Camps

Provides in-person programming that offers kids a fun and engaging form of physical activity while still observing the social distancing protocols. We will include Street Soccer Leagues, Football3 Tournaments, and an inclusive, affordable sports club program.

School Partnerships

Our committed team deliver character education programs at underserved schools using a unique proprietary experiential sport-based curriculum, enabling at-risk youth to display positive metric-based improvements in behavior.

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