• Pure Game STAR Winter Soccer Camp

    Thirty students from Savanna School District were lucky enough to be part of the 3-day Winter Soccer camp put on by Pure Game at Stanton Central Park from December 27-December 29. Some of the students were determined soccer players, and others were beginners – but everybody had a great time.… Read More

  • When Soccer is Not Just a Game….

    By David Gardner THE boy with the heavily bandaged arm was back at school just days after nearly being killed in a gang fight just down the road in Lake Forest. If the stab wounds still hurt, he wasn’t showing it. “It’s fine, miss. I really want to play.” It’s… Read More

  • Why it’s so Important to Level the Playing Field for our Children

    How much does a family’s income affect a child’s ability to participate and excel in sport? How difficult is it to transcend an impoverished upbringing, not just in sport but also in life? These are some of the questions raised by writer Linda Flanagan in her article What’s Lost When… Read More

  • Pure Game Diary: Helping Students Focus at School

    Day in and day out, the Pure Game program is helping young students to understand the importance of education. And it’s working. The feedback we are getting from school principals underlines just how successful we are in getting through to the kids we are working with. Here’s one example… Gilbert’s… Read More

  • Pure Game Diary: Learning How Soccer – and Life – is Not Just About Winning

    Here’s another update from the field on how lives are being changed through Pure Game… Walter* is a 4th grader who was sent to my program from a teacher but she told me she wasn’t sure he would be okay to be in the program as he has a lot… Read More

  • Making a Difference….

    Pure Game ran a successful camp for the Savannah School District and it went so well that more are being planned. One of our terrific team explains how she saw the camp making a difference… I was able to attend the soccer camp that Pure Game held at Stanton Central… Read More

  • Programs May be Running in 50 Schools by the End of 2017

    Pure Game is on course to meet its goal of running programs in 50 schools by the end of 2017. A record 43 schools are already enjoying the benefits of Pure Game’s specialized program to help kids learn through soccer – with 11 new schools signing on in November alone.… Read More

  • Pure Game Diary: How Messi Can be a Role Model For Our Kids

    Our Pure Game Field Champions and staff are out there making a difference every day. In the first of a series of articles offering an insight into the fantastic work they are doing in the community, Danielle Martell, Field Champion & Director of Programs, writes to one of our school principals… Read More

  • Pure Game Footy Golf Classic 2017

    There aren’t too many sporting events where you can participate WHILE eating barbecue and cookies washed down with a couple of beers and a Moscow Mule and still feel good about yourself! The lucky folks who took part in the 2017 Pure Game Footy Golf Classic were able to do… Read More

  • FOOTY-GOLF is fast approaching

    Our Annual Fundraiser The FOOTY-GOLF Classic is an event like no other! Individuals, families, soccer celebrities and sponsors come together to have fun on the golf course while raising money for Pure Game. Instead of clubs, we use our legs to drive and putt down the course. Like Pure Game, the… Read More