Betsy from Stanton Community Center earns Pure Game’s Encouragement Ball

Author: Adrian Beunder

Here at Pure Game, we take pride in someone’s ability to overcome challenges while continuing to grow as a person that can inspire others. We believe that the work being put in to grow deserves to be rewarded with some positive reinforcement or encouragement.

As we use the vehicle of Soccer to help kids get this growth and learning experience, we hand out Encouragement Balls to those who go above and beyond to conquer the challenges in front of them. This month’s winner goes to a person from our Stanton Family Community Center program, who has overcome the challenge of being shy by coming out of her shell to share her thoughts and feelings which inspires others! Congratulations to Betsy!

The Stanton Family Community Center program, in partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods, is all about growth and learning, and one of our field champions, Octavio has said that Betsy has shown her commitment to that by loving to participate in the games, blossoming into a leader for other students and being willing to go out of her comfort zone to continue growing and have fun.

We’re proud of the work our students do to be an inspiration for not only other students but for us field champions and the Pure Game family.

Betsy, a Staton Community Center participant, earned Pure Game’s Encouragement Ball


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