Do you need a confidence boost?

Encouragement boosts confidence.

The confidence that comes from encouragement can help individuals put forth more effort. When individuals receive encouragement, it helps them work harder and make efforts to complete a job to their best ability.

Encouragement leads to greater success. The reason for this is simple; if I feel better about myself, my positive traits rise to the surface, and I can then perform at my very best.

I can’t believe I started Pure Game ten years ago. I don’t think I really knew what I was getting my self into or what things would look like back then. I just knew there was something I felt called to do.

Looking back I can now recall the moment of clarity about what Pure Game was going to be.

I landed a connection with KidWorks in Santa Ana. It was here I discovered the power of encouragement and the emphasis of the Pure Game program.

One of the kids was doing amazing things with the soccer ball, dribbling around everyone, scoring goals, making passes, and helping his teammates all over the parking lot (A great place to start programming). After one incredible play, I looked in his direction and said, “hey buddy, well done, that was awesome.” He stopped, stared at me for a second and then looked over his shoulder in a way that said, “what, me?” This reaction blew my socks off. I immediately realized he had rarely if ever received any encouragement and had no clue how to accept it. I reinforced my positive words with his name and an intentional walk in his direction with a high five.

His smile could not have been any bigger. The Cheshire Cat had nothing on him at that moment.

Every week from that moment, we’ll call him Jack, greeted me with that same huge smile and engaged in any game I asked him to participate in. It was a fantastic reaction to see play out over the months and years we worked at KidWorks.

Encouragement plays a vital role in the life of children. These benefits are far reaching and long lasting. As I discovered that fateful day at KidWorks.

Being encouraging can and does change lives. I know I make kids feel better about themselves when I encourage them. But it doesn’t stop there. I feel better about myself for doing the encouraging.

My final comment is in the form of a question. If I feel better when I encourage others, and those on the receiving end feel better about themselves, why don’t I do it more often?

Even more importantly, why don’t we all work harder to use the power of encouragement to make the world a better place? – Read More From Us…


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