Field Champion Spotlight: Danny Torrez

In this week’s Field Champion Spotlight, we feature Pure Game’s Senior Field Champion Danny Torrez. Danny has been with Pure Game for almost 10 years, being the very first Pure Game employee after being part of the program! He notes that his favorite part of being part of Pure Game is that he is able to be a mentor for kids, who just like him, didn’t have anyone to guide him as he was growing up.

Get to know more about Danny’s story:

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?

Danny Torrez: I have been part of this awesome organization for almost 10 years. I was a student in the program and eventually I started volunteering, and then soon right after high school, Tony offered me a job and I became the first employee for Pure Game. I’m on my ninth year and I am very glad to be part of this family.

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?

DT: Pure Game has helped me become a better person on and off the field. I have become a role model to the community, and I am happy for the person I have become.

PG: What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff?

DT: I joined this non-profit organization because its mission and vision is very clear; what they are there for, to serve children and help them achieve their goals through character education, mentorship, leadership and this is all done through sports which is my favorite thing in the world.

PG: What school and how many schools do you service in Anaheim?

DT: I have worked in Anaheim schools since I joined Pure Game in 2012, and as of now, I am in two or three schools in that area.

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?

DT: In my own words, Pure Game is an awesome program for kids to get their minds in the right place and start thinking about their futures and their careers, and what an awesome way to learn than from the Pure Game staff who are trained and equipped to help put the students to where they want to be at.

Here at Pure Game I have learned a lot and most importantly it helped me see the things that were bad in my life, and it helped me open my eyes and see the people who actually are there to give you support and guidance and not teach you bad actions or other bad influences.

I like to talk to the students about my life because I know their struggles and what they go through every day in their lives because my brothers and I went through the same as they did.

PG: What kind of ImpACT have you seen in the schools the Pure Game services?

DT: In schools, I have seen a lot of progress from the students from attendance, to grades, to attitudes, and through less injuries and fights, all because they learn how to play as a team and enjoy the games they play and not make it competitive.

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs?

My only desire is to make Pure Game a program known around the world because it would help out a lot of people by changing their mindsets and make them strive for success.


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