Field Champion Spotlight: Hector Molina

In this week’s installment of Pure Game’s Field Champion Spotlight, we’d like you to meet Hector Molina, one of our most recent staff additions. Just like our Field Champion Spotlightee last week, Juan Cux, Hector joined Pure Game while he was still in high school, and the positive impact our program had on him inspired him to join our staff and help others. Being part of Pure Game has helped Hector in his personal development, as well as the opportunity to travel to France for the FIFA Women’s World Cup!

Learn more about Hector’s story:

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?
Hector Molina: I got involved in pure game when I was a junior in high school. My friend, Andrew, invited me and my other friends one day during lunch and we enjoyed that first day and ever since we just kept going back because it was a great program.

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?
HM: Pure Game has helped me a lot in my personal development because it has allowed to me grow in different areas of my life by applying what they teach into my daily life. Being part of the program helped me guide myself my last two years of high school and helped me choose what path I want to be in, and that was to go to college.

PG: What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff?
HM: What inspired me to join the Pure Game staff was seeing everyone wanting to create a difference and impact in every kids life, because they want the best for everyone. I wanted to create an impact in the kids life just like how my coaches impacted me when I was part of the program.

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?
HM: To me, Pure Game is an organization who wants to make an impact in kids life so that we can guide them through the correct path and help them overcome circumstances, no matter how hard it may get. Pure Game is an organization that loves to spread positivity, because we just want the best for every single one of the kids.

PG: What kind of ImpACT have you seen in the schools that Pure Game services?
HM: Recently I was part of a virtual camp, and in this camp there were kids who wouldn’t be part of their distance learning classes and wouldn’t do the work that they were assigned to do. Once we got on the virtual call, it was very challenging to keep them focused and we couldn’t get them to participate, but once we got everything rolling, the kids liked the activities we were doing, and they were participating and answering questions. For us to see the kids happy and entertained, it really made us happy.

PG: In 2019, you were part of the group of students that was granted the opportunity to travel to France for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. What was it like to experience an international event, such as that one, live?
HM: It was amazing to be able to have the opportunity of going to France. I was in shock, but it was truly a blessing because everything went so great! Being able to experience a Women’s World Cup was awesome because I’ve never got to experience a professional soccer game, and to experience a Women’s World Cup game, that really blew my mind! I was excited to be part of the Women’s World Cup because I wanted to be part of their movement and let people know that they deserve equal pay because they as well pour their hearts out on the field like the guys. France was an amazing experience overall and I was really grateful to be part of it.

PG: What was your overall experience while you were in France?
HM: My overall experience in France was amazing because we got to meet with a lot of people from around the world that, to this day, I still have connections with through Instagram. Interacting with different people and just seeing everyone come together to play and just have fun with each other was something I really enjoyed. France allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, talk to new people and just make new friends that perhaps I’ll again one day.

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs?
HM: People should support Pure Game because we want to help many kids who are struggling in school, at home, or just mentally. We want to support those students with difficulties and show them that anything is possible as long as you have someone to support you and guide you through the correct path, just like Tony and Octavio did with me when I was part of the program. With your support Pure Game can keep on expanding and can keep on impacting many more lives.


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