Field Champion Spotlight: Heriberto Lopez

Author: Angela Kight

In this week’s Field Champion Spotlight, get to know Heriberto Lopez, Pure Game’s Director of Operations and mentor. Heriberto was initially inspired by Pure Game as an undergrad student at UC Irvine and has been a part of Pure Game ever since! Heriberto started as a volunteer and has become a very integral part of the Pure Game team, contributing his efforts to Pure Game and the community for about six years now.

Get to know more about Heriberto’s story:

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?
Heriberto Lopez: In my third year as an undergrad at UC Irvine, I was part of a non-profit consulting club. One of our clients was the Pure Game. I was intrigued by the Pure Game’s mission and decided to reach out to Tony. We met at a nearby coffee shop, and soon after, I started to volunteer at local programs. 

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?
HL: Pure Game has allowed me to combine my background in Business Administration with Youth Development. I am fortunate to be part of the Leadership Team and to be part of the change in how we serve the low-income communities in Orange County.   

PG: What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff?
HL: I was born in Mexico, and growing up, positive mentors guided me to a successful path. I see the same within the Pure Game staff, with the way they work with the youth and their peers.

PG: What school and how many schools do you service in Anaheim?
HL: In Anaheim I serve one school, Paul Revere.

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?
HL: Pure Game creates positive connections with youth to build social and emotional skills powered by play for a positive mindset.

PG: What kind of ImpACT have you seen in the schools the Pure Game services?
HL: Growth in confidence, willingness to take a risk and a mindset shift to re-engage with peers and school positively. 

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs?
HL: When we were kids, we are easily influenced in positive and negative ways. Once we find a save space and a positive mentor, that we can trust, it can catapult us to a successful life. Pure Game represents that for over 5,000 kids from 65 different schools in Orange County annually.


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