Field Champion Spotlight: Juan Cux

Author: Danielle Zahn, Pure Game Field Champion and Research and Development Coordinator 

The next individual we are highlighting in our Field Champion Spotlight series is Pure Game’s youngest team member, Juan Cux. Juan is just 18-years-old and a recent high school graduate who had the opportunity to participate in Pure Game’s programs at his school. After graduating, Pure Game reached out to Juan and invited him to join our team as a Junior Field Champion. In this role, Juan will be helping the team run some of our remote recess programming and virtual summer camps, giving kids the same opportunities and experiences he had while he was a student. In addition, Juan will be allocating some of his time to assist the team with video production for various projects, including Pure Game’s Tiff and Tony Show and our remote programming videos. Pure Game is excited to have Juan on board to use his experiences to connect with and serve students and give back to his community. Read on to discover how Juan’s journey with Pure Game began, and how his role will impact the young lives we serve! 

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?  
Juan Cux: I got involved with Pure Game about three years ago while I was still a student. I was a sophomore in high school, and one day, I was sitting down waiting for my cross-country coach to take roll when one of my friends and teammates came up to me asking me to sign-up and join a lunch program with him. I was interested in finding out about the program, which happened to be Pure Game, so I signed up. Later that day, I went to the Pure Game program for the first time after getting my lunch, and continued to go ever since. 

PG: What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff? 
JC: I decided to join the Pure Game staff after graduating high school because I was inspired by my own experiences with the program, and I want to be able to help other kids experience the same things. I want to help them feel included and supported, just as I have felt as a part of Pure Game as well, so I want to help kids in the same way. 

PG: How would you describe Pure Game in your own words? 
JC: To me, Pure Game is not just a program but like a family that I can count on for help or support in general, whether I’m a staff member or a student. Pure Game is a program that can help others feel welcomed and supported, and it can always put a smile on anyone’s face! 

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development? 
JC: When it comes to personal development, Pure Game has helped me so much and in so many ways. One of the ways that Pure Game has helped me is when it comes to communication. Before Pure Game, I would talk to someone, but if I didn’t know or understand what they were telling me, I’d wait until later to ask what they meant exactly, and even then, I never knew how to ask. Because of Pure Game, I now always ask what they meant right away, and I explain what I know, that way we both know exactly what I know, so we don’t wait till the last day to ask questions. These improvements in my communication skills will help me for the rest of my life, and I’m looking forward to growing even more as a Pure Game staff member. 

PG: What kind of impact have you seen in the schools the Pure Game services? 
JC: I have been able to directly see an impact in the schools Pure Game serves because I was a part of one of their programs when I was a student. When I went to high school and started attending the Pure Game program, there were only a few kids, but now the number grew, and by the time I was out of high school, there were way more kids and new ones starting to go as well. This growth means that Pure Game keeps reaching more and more students, and will have a significant impact on them. 

PG: Why should people support Pure Game’s Programs? 
JC: People should support Pure Game because, without Pure Game, I may not be where I am today, and other kids might not be where they are today as well. I’m on my way to college, and because of Pure Game, I had a lot of support that helped me get here. Pure Game made my high school senior year a lot less stressful than it would’ve been without their programs. I’m thankful for their support!Read More From Us…


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