Field Champion Spotlight: Olivia Cervantes

Author: Adrian Beunder

Olivia Cervantes has joined the Pure Game family and taken our philosophy of positivity and optimism and ran with it to not only improve the organization but her personal life as well.

Olivia joined the team during what’s been a tough and chaotic year for everyone, but she’s seen what Pure Game does for the community and understands the importance behind our initiative. With a plethora of experience in the field of soccer, she worked for years in Major League Soccer where she met another Pure Game family member, our Fund Development Director, Cristina Velasquez. “I met her 11 years ago while working in the MLS and she was adamant about the work being done for the community here at Pure Game,” Olivia says.

She initially joined the Pure Game family through her Americorps Summer Service program, but during this time she learned first-hand how we inspire and mentor students to find the right path and the impact we have on the futures of the children and community as a whole. “I think Pure Game is a great organization, with amazing staff, that are working to better the lives of underserved youth.”

In only a few months with the team, she’s adopted the things we spread through the community as she’s changed her perspective on how she views things in a positive and optimistic manner, all while developing new skills in the positive work environment we have here at Pure Game. When asked why Olivia believes people should support Pure Game programs, she stated that supporting Pure Game means supporting our youth.

As she joined during the pandemic, she was aware of how beneficial our in-person clinics were to schools and youth across SoCal, but she also applauds how we’ve been able to adapt and craft a dynamic and entertaining virtual program to keep kids engaged and growing while staying active. Olivia concluded that statement by saying, “Supporting our programs would make a huge impact in the community,” something we don’t just believe, we know it too.

You may not see her face plastered across a youtube video or across your Zoom screens helping our kids learn and stay active, but Olivia Cervantes is doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to orchestrate the social media accounts, website, and communication efforts that help spread the word of the great work Pure Game is doing! The Pure Game family is a tightly-knit one and despite Olivia joining only a few months ago, she’s taken our philosophy of positivity and optimism and ran with it to not only improve the organization but her personal life as well. Learn more about the person pulling the social strings behind the scenes in this week’s Field Champion Spotlight.  

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?
Olivia Cervantes: I became involved with Pure Game through the organization’s Fund Development Director Cristina Velasquez, whom I met about 11 years ago while working in Major League Soccer. She began her involvement with Pure Game earlier this year and shared what Pure Game does for the community and invited me to join the organization through the AmeriCorps Summer Service.

PG:  What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff?
OC: Through my summer under the AmeriCorps Summer Service, I learned a lot about what Pure Game does for its community and how they inspire and mentor students in the right path, and the impact they have in the community attracted me to join. Even though I haven’t experienced an in-person clinic, I’ve enjoyed watching the Play Online Program videos, Remote Recess, as well as the messaging in Friday Challenge and the Tiff and Tony Show. I think Pure Game is a great organization, with amazing staff, that are working to better the lives of underserved youth.

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?
OC: In the few months, I’ve really changed my mindset and how I view situations to be positive and optimistic. Pure Game focuses on creating a positive environment for its students, and everyone truly practices what they preach. Since joining Pure Game, I’ve been able to push myself to develop new skills in a positive environment.

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?
OC: Pure Game is a great organization that maintains youth active; the Field Champions mentor students into the right path and are generally just there to listen and to help each student.

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs?
OC: I believe supporting Pure Game would mean supporting our youth. Before the pandemic, Pure Game had great school programming, being physically present for students and engaging them. Despite the pandemic, Pure Game has been able to adapt, and still provide the same services to its students, with the exception of everything being held virtually. Supporting our programs would make a huge impact in the community.


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