Field Champion Spotlight: Peter Torrez

In the latest edition of Pure Game’s Field Champion Spotlight, we’d like to introduce to you Peter Torrez. Peter joined Pure Game as a volunteer during high school, and convinced on the organization’s mission, he was inspired to join our team as a Field Champion. Five years later, Peter is a Senior Field Champion, and continues to enjoy making a difference in children’s lives and being someone they can look up to.

Get to know more about Peter’s journey:

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?
Peter Torrez: When I was a little kid, I would attend an after-school program called Kidworks that was right around the corner where I lived. I went there for a long time and one day during my high school years, Tony Everett showed up to the center and got permission to take the Kidworks kids to a soccer camp. Since I was a big fan of soccer, I was the first one to sign up, but in this case, I went as a volunteer since this was mainly for first to fifth grade camp. Tony loved what I did with the kids in the camp and later invited me and my brother Danny to more of his events and camps. He first offered a job to my other two older brothers, but not me since I was still in high school. After that camp I attended, I started to get more involved with Pure Game, volunteering at different school programs and events. After I graduated from college, Tony offered me a full-time job after years of volunteering.

PG: How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?PT: Pure Game has helped me become a successful person. At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after college but knowing that working for Pure Game would give me an opportunity to achieve my goals of helping and working with kids. Pure Game has given me all the skills and confidence to become a better person and mentor for kids that don’t have anybody to look up to. With all the support and help from Pure Game, I can say that I can make a difference in my community and make an impact in the life of any child I work with.

PG: What inspired you to join the Pure Game staff
PT: Pure Game does an awesome job with working with kids, providing great mentors and role models. As a kid, I had a role model I looked up to and he was always there for me. Because I had a role model, I wanted to make sure I can be a great role model to kids we work with and I knew that if I joined the Pure Game staff, I would achieve my goal of being there for all the kids.

PG: What school and how many schools do you service in Anaheim?
PT: Walt Disney Elementary and sometimes Paul Revere Elementary.

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?
PT: Pure Game is great organization for those who dream of helping children achieved their dreams. We are an organization that are making a huge impact in children lives and we will continue to support them and mentor them. We are an organization that makes sure that no student is left out, we make sure that the students have the best time of their life on the field and that they know they have somebody who they can trust and talk to on and off the field.

PG: What kind of ImpACT have you seen in the schools the Pure Game services?
PT: Over my years at Pure Game I’ve noticed a big impact in the schools we work with. First, one key thing is that when Pure Game is at a school, attendance is high; most of our kids that we work with make sure they are never absent the day we come out and play with them. Students behaviors are better and there are less referrals going out to principals. Another big impact I’ve seen is that students are being more respectful around their peers and teachers. Pure Game provides a positive environment so that students could have a great time during our sessions.

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs?
PT: People should support Pure Game because we are changing children’s lives. There are kids out there that don’t have someone to look up to, but because of Pure Game programs they have support, they have some to look up too and someone who believes in them.  With our support, we help children prepare for next journey and help them make better choices.


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