Making a Difference….

Pure Game ran a successful camp for the Savannah School District and it went so well that more are being planned. One of our terrific team explains how she saw the camp making a difference…

I was able to attend the soccer camp that Pure Game held at Stanton Central Park for the Savannah School District on Monday and Wednesday over Thanksgiving break. One of the students who stood out to me the most was a boy named Michael. I noticed that, on Monday, he was disengaged and at times, didn’t even want to kick the ball. When I tried to talk to him, ask him if he was excited for the camp, etc., I would only receive one-word answers. I did find out that he was a baseball player, so maybe that’s why he wasn’t so engaged in the soccer. He was a bit more social and active towards the end of the day. However, the next time I went, which was Wednesday, Michael seemed like a whole new kid to me! He was running around, encouraging and high-fiving his teammates, and he was the one who kept going for the goal! Even during snack time, he kept socializing and laughing with the other kids. It was encouraging to see that transformation.* – Read More From Us…

– Joann Dimatulac

(Names of pupils have been changed for privacy reasons)


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