Pure Game and UHSM partner to serve more family organizations, like Redemption

Pure Game and Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM) have partnered to serve more family organizations, with activities kicking off earlier this month at Redemption in Costa Mesa. The program has been focused as an after-school opportunity, offering not only physical activity from Pure Game, but STEM learning.

Pure Game Field Champions Juan Cux, Hector Molina and new member Andrew have been in charge of running the camps and making sure safety protocols and social distancing regulations are followed. Although the Pure Game Field Champions struggled at the start with attention and participation, they have seen positive improvements in the participating students.

“I see many improvements within the kids, said Cux. “They seem to be getting a little more comfortable every week and they seem to pay attention a lot more than before.”

Every week that Cux goes to this program, he gets the students attention by playing fun games within Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) characters. Cux also mentions that he loves when the children come out to the program and notices that the students always come excited and eager to begin.

With one month in, the program at Redemption in Costa Mesa will continue for a few more weeks, and Pure Game will continue brightening the lives of its participants.


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