Pure Game and UHSM Team Up to Bring Smiles to the OC Rescue Mission

If there’s one thing that Pure Game does best is to brighten up a child’s life and bring a smile to their face on a daily basis.

For the past month, Pure Game, in partnership with the Unite Health Share Ministry (UHSM), has brightened up the lives of children at the Orange County Rescue Mission through day camps that keeps them active, engaged and socially connected – a service that was unavailable to them.

Many of the participants of the day camps have dealt with difficult situations that are nonexistent in the lives of kids their age. With the help from the OC Rescue Mission, every child is given a glimpse to a better life, giving them hope and self-sufficiency, as well as helping restore their lives.

“Our children here can sometimes be a challenge as they are dealing with varying circumstances, but Pure Game has been an outlet where they can channel their energy and escape,” said Karen Kimoto, Manager of Volunteer Services at the OC Rescue Mission. “Their moods have exhibited a boost in confidence and do appear happier.”

The day camps, led by Pure Game Field Champion Hector Molina, are open to children of all ages, with multiple cohorts by age range scheduled throughout the morning and afternoon in an effort to maintain safety protocols set by state and local authorities.

When the program began, Molina noticed there was a struggle to get the participants engaged, but after a few sessions, the kids began to get excited for their camp. The Pure Game Field Champion has now built connections with the children and in return, sees more participation, with all the kids showing many improvements. 

When asked if the OC Rescue Mission would recommend Pure Game’s program and services, Kimoto responded, “We would recommend Pure Game to other organizations to provide an outlet to channel their energy and to learn positive sportsmanship and skills.”

After a one-week break, Pure Game will return the OC Rescue Mission in the following week to continue the days camps for what is currently scheduled for another four weeks. Four weeks filled with smiles, physical activity, laughter, social and emotional learning, and fun!


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