Pure Game brings after school camps to Alamitos Intermediate

With information from Elisa Gonzalez, Field Champion

Pure Game has kicked off in-person camps at Alamitos Intermediate in November, safely serving 14 students in each session ranging from ages 10 to 13.

With everyone’s health in mind, all sessions are held after school with limited number of participants in an effort to uphold state and local guidelines on social distancing.

Each week the kids are excited to play and interact socially distance in a safe environment. When asked why they joined the camp, Alamitos Intermediate students Diana and Johan stated, “We registered for the camp because we know both Coach Pete and Coach Octavio from school.”

Our staff at hand serve as mentors to the students, and during these difficult times, the youth we serve need them the most. Parents are happy and feel safe to bring their kids to the program. 

“The parents we work with are struggling right now. We have two students whose mom has to take public transportation to get to the program. The mom was very happy to go through that hurdle if it means her kids can participate in our program,” said Pure Game’s Field Champion and Mentor, Heriberto Lopez.

Camps like these are not possible without the support from Alamitos Intermediate teachers and administrators, our staff, supporters like you, and our proud partners, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Click here to learn how you can get involved!


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