Pure Game Diary: How Messi Can be a Role Model For Our Kids

Our Pure Game Field Champions and staff are out there making a difference every day. In the first of a series of articles offering an insight into the fantastic work they are doing in the community, Danielle Martell, Field Champion & Director of Programs, writes to one of our school principals with a progress report (the names of pupils have been changed for privacy reasons)…

Dear Principal

I know I spoke with you right after the program to share a bit about Brett but wanted to do a quick recap of how the students are doing.

Today, both groups did great. They were happy to be back to playing and we’re excited to share how their holiday break went. We played normal Pure Game soccer today but of course, switched the teams up so students get used to playing with and against their friends.

Sarah has come and gone throughout the program but is such a sweet and friendly kid. She was excited to be back but mentioned that her parents don’t want her to play the whole time. I followed up with her to see as to why and she said her parents think soccer is for boys. I talked to her about the strengths she has (she mentioned she is a very fast runner) and how I know many girls including myself who play soccer. And that girls can be good at sports and boys can be good at activities that people think are for girls. She was very involved and did amazing at defense. She stopped so many goals and at the end ran up to me saying how good she is getting. I was very proud of her and happy to see how well everyone was passing and taking turns.

Bryan did get upset on the last game because he wasn’t on the team he wanted. I spoke to him about it and he said he and Sylvie don’t get along. He was getting frustrated with having to share with Sylvie. We were able to talk it out and he promised that if he gets frustrated or Sylvie bothers him that he would let me know so I could help. I also followed up with Sylvie and asked her about how she is with Bryan and she said he can be mean and that they go to the same after school program. I told her the same thing and that I want them to work on taking turns and seeing the positive things that they do.

Lastly was Brett, I know I spoke to you about today but was impressed with how he played afterward. He at times can get aggressive and angry when his team is losing or when he is with certain kids so we spoke about that and about Messi as a professional soccer player and how he acts on the field. Even the best players lose and have to play against their friends but either way they don’t give up and they stay on the field because they have fun. It can be frustrating at times when things don’t go your way but what is important is that you keep trying. What was funny was that when he was walking off the field because he thought his team wasn’t any good, he missed that his team scored and was in fact winning.

Overall so proud of all the students and look forward to seeing them each week!

I have also attached a document that is a feedback form if you could fill this out when you get a chance. This is a way for us to better understand how we are doing and how we can continue to improve the program. We value your opinion. – Read More From Us…

All the best,

Danielle Martell, Field Champion & Director of Programs


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