Pure Game Wraps Up a Flourishing “Play Online” Program

Author: Angela Kight

A few weeks into the new school year, another day in Zoom school, and another couple hours staring at a screen, Pure Game understands how virtual learning can be especially challenging for younger students. To ease the stresses and challenges of online learning, Pure Game has successfully finished a few sessions this month of our live “Play Online Program” via Zoom with our middle school partners.

The Pure Game “Play Online Program” provides fun games and activities that focuses on our mission to create positive youth development using sport to create positive youth engagement all while at home and being safe. We do this by incorporating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

“It was amazing, I joined this Monday and it was really fun,” said a student from Alamitos Intermediate in Garden Grove, “I joined it and I’m hoping to join every Monday.”

Social and Emotional Learning is critical during this time as many children are experiencing the stresses of transitioning back to in-person learning, while some are still confined to virtual learning. Through fun games and activities, children can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to perceive their emotions, thoughts and values. Kids will learn how to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions (CASEL).

With the “Play Online Program,” kids get active and participate in enjoyable games that focus on concepts such as cooperation, teamwork, communication and self-control. These games can be played at home, indoors or outdoors. The goal is to allow kids to have fun playing games, participating in activities and getting active, while learning new and meaningful character-developing skills.

To learn more and see videos from our programs, you can check out our videos, visit our YouTube Channel, and follow us on Instagram.

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