Pure Game’s Beer with Friends Makes Way For New Beginnings

Author: Adrian Beunder

A warm September evening in Anaheim called for some nice refreshing beers with friends and Pure Game at the Backstreet Brewery on Santa Cruz St. 

The thirst-quenching variety of beer wasn’t the only refreshing part of the event as we were refreshed to be able to engage, interact and celebrate the work we do for kids across California in person, and in a friendly, safe, and socially distanced environment featuring some great live music! Pure Game was also the first nonprofit organization to host a live event.

The evening wouldn’t go on to be just a reunification or celebration of past work though; it would serve to be an event marking a directional change for the Pure Game family and how we can get kids active again. 

During an intermission from the great live music, director and founder, Tony Everett voiced his appreciation for the group who came out to support, but he would make the huge announcement of our new move to our “P.E In The Park” program. 

With COVID-19, the Pure Game team is immensely proud of how we’ve been able to craft a dynamic and engaging virtual program, but we know how hard it is for kids to stay engaged and feel like they’re getting that true interaction from our field champions when they’re staring at a screen. 

Given that tremendous issue, Tony and the Pure Game family knew that we had to get the kids and our field champions back into action, in person, in a safe and manageable way. And so came the birth of “P.E In The Park”!

The program will consist of the same initial curriculum that we conducted at schools but in a modified and COVID-safe manner to allow for maximum safety and maximum fun for the kids in a park near you! 

The funds raised through the tickets for the event as well as the opportunity drawing for amazing prizes that you can find on our social media platforms all go to the great cause of supporting the transition to the new program and to getting kids “Back To Sports”. 

The beer served to our community of friends and board members would be accompanied by a delicious array of tacos and churros by LA County food truck extraordinaire, El Charro, which was enjoyed by all. 

Leo Maldonado, a parent of one of the kids at Pure Game said, “I had a fantastic time with friends and meeting new friends.” When asked why he came out to support he simply said, “It’s an organization that’s dear to my heart and I think they can make a difference in reaching those kids in providing an outlet for those kids through soccer.”

To see photos, videos, find out about future events, and to learn how to support, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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