What We Do

Pure Game serves vulnerable youth in a variety of environments, including School Based Programs (in-school), and Community Outreach (after-school).   All of our programs, regardless of where we offer them, combine fun, inclusive, modified soccer play, with character education and leadership training.



Given the challenges facing the children we serve, and that we believe every child needs a champion, Pure Game embraces what we call the “SPIRIT” philosophy. Our Field Champions help children understand that they have value, that their lives have meaning, and that they have something unique to contribute to the world. SPIRIT represents the following commitment to our youth:

  • Shape a positive environment where children are protected, encouraged, and given hope;
  • Prepare them for life with character-strengthening tools;
  • Inspire creativity through the game of soccer;
  • Reassure them their lives can be full, satisfying, and productive;
  • Impart moral truths (Through our loving actions first, words second);
  • Teach Success through Accepting Responsibility for their actions.