Become a champion while having fun

Mentoring for Success

The older kids in the program are looking for something that prepares them for life beyond school. Our life skills programming helps with this transition and has also created a new staffing source. Working with these older teens, we offer them a process to join the Pure Game team.
Because these youth are young, dynamic, and locally grown, they understand the culture and community. This wisdom gives them an edge when delivering the message of change we provide.

Our Mentoring for Success program has the youth take part in our crawl, walk, run training system. Two-four weeks of shadowing our staff followed by an induction training. Two-four weeks of shadowing with added program responsibility followed by curriculum and game
training. Two-four weeks of monitored program operations.

Jamie Johnson Literacy Program 

Strong reading proficiency is a crucial part of children being able to achieve his or her full potential. Unfortunately, the statistics show that a high percentage of youth are behind on their reading ability. According to the Newport Beach-based Literacy Project Foundation; 57% of students failed the California Standards Test in English. Only 1/3 of fourth graders reach the proficient reading level. Only 25% of students in California schools can perform the necessary reading skills. 85% of juvenile offenders have problems reading.

We believe the problem isn't a lack of ability within kids but rather a lack of positive, engaging reading environments. We know young children need regular, vigorous, physical activity to develop and grow properly. Active play strengthens bones, muscles, and the brain and
establishes connections between all three areas. It is the brain we are more concerned with when it comes to literacy, but without the physical activity, there is no connection made throughout the entire body.

The Pure Game Character Club incorporates read and play sessions within our program. We separate sessions into 10-minutes of play, 30-minutes of reading, and then a further 20-minutes of play to complete the session.