Pure Game

Remote Recess Program     

Pure Game Remote Recess videos for you to try at home

Remote Recess Rock, Paper, Scissors Exercise - With Field Champion Jose Valente


Optimism Rules:

  1. Paper wins rock.
  2. Rock wins scissors.
  3. Scissors wins paper.
  4. The winner of each round get’s to choose an exercise for the other player (5 push-ups, 5 jumping jacks, or 5 sit-ups).

Remote Recess: Workout with Volunteer Sam Maracich from USC

Warm Up:
Run in place
Complete each exercise for 30 seconds
1. High knees
2. Mountain climbers
3. Lateral or skater hops
4. Side hops
5. Agility footwork
6. Lunge jumps
1. Lunge stretch
2. Touch your toes
3. Butterfly

Remote Recess Blindfold Relay - With Field Champion Alex Trujillo

Character Trait: Communication


Game Rules:
1. Create an obstacle course; use household items.
2. One person will be blind-folded and the other one will be the communicator.
3. The communicator cannot touch, the blind-folded teammate throughout the course, they can only speak to their teammate.
4. They will work together to get their partner through the obstacle course as fast as possible.
5. The first pair that completes the course the fastest wins the game.

Remote Recess - Step-over, Scissor, Soccer Move with Field Champion Candice Silva

Remote Recess - Workout with volunteer Volunteer Zack

Leg Workout Exercises:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. RDL’s
  4. Squat Jumps
  5. Jumping Lunges

Remote Recess Soccer Ball Workout - With Field Champion Israel Diaz

Five exercises that involve: core, strength, and cardio Exercise:

  1. Ball Jumps
  2. Side Twist
  3. Drop Squats
  4. Sit-ups
  5. Ball Touch

Remote Recess Fruits and Vegetables - With Field Champion Jose Valente

Character Trait: Self-control Game Rules:

  1. Have the kids in a single line facing the leader.
  2. The leader will say a fruit and a vegetable.
  3. If the answer is a fruit the kids step to their left side.
  4. If the answer is a vegetable the kids step to their right side.
  5. Instead of fruits and vegetables, the leader can say quick math questions.

Remote Recess Workout - With Volunteer Michael Ingraham


  1. Side shuffle
  2. One footed jump
  3. Up and back
  4. Star Jump
  5. Bear Crawl

Remote Recess Tic-TacToe - With Field Champion Joy Fawcett

Character Trait: Self-control & Stop, Think, Act, Reflect (STAR) 

Game Rules: 

  1. Get into two teams. 
  2. Gather a few items, to set on the ground for a grid. (Shoes, spoons, pillows). 
  3. One team has 3 items that represent X (towels, t-shirts, red legos).
  4. The other team also has 3 items to represent O (socks, blue legos, shorts). 
  5. Set a starting point; you can only carry 1 item at a time. 
  6. Drop the item then race back to get another item. 
  7. Race to get 3 in a row!

Remote Recess Soccer Exercises - With Field Champions Danny Torres and Pete Torres

Simple drills everyone can practice. Try your best and have fun with it! Drills:

  1. Zig Zag Dribble
  2. Quick Feet
  3. Juggling Challenge
  4. Pass and Move
  5. Touch and Go
  6. Out and Back
  7. Footwork Square

Remote Recess Plank Soccer - - With Field Champion Joy Fawcett

Character Trait: Creativity Game


  1. Two people will get in a plank position facing each other
  2. Your arms will serve as the goal
  3. Start with a t-shirt or towel on the floor between the people
  4. On “Go” both do a push-up and try to grab the shirt
  5. The person who gets the shirt first will then try to score on the other person
  6. The person being scored on can use one arm to block the shirt
  7. If the shirt makes it past the arms, it’s the other’s person turn
  8. First to 3 wins! 

Remote Recess Full Body Workout - With Field Champion Israel Diaz


Do each exercise for 30 seconds.


Rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

  1. Pogo Jumps
  2. Plank with shoulder tap
  3. Lunges
  4. Burpees
  5. Sit-ups Complete 3-5 sets.

Remote Recess Jump Rope Mashup - With Field Champion Tiffany Neptune

Character Trait: Cooperation/Teamwork and Communication

Game Rules:

1. Find your large open space and then collect your jump rope.

2. Decide which games you are going to play. The goal is to not get touched by the rope, timing is key! a. Jaws of the lion: swing rope up and over towards the person jumping, they run under the rope. b. Swinging vine: swing the rope back and forth (not going overhead) and the person either jumps over or crawls under the rope. c. Snake: wiggle the rope touching the ground back and forth very quickly to replicate a slithering snake and the person jumps over the rope.

3. There are two ways to score points when the jumper gets touched by the rope, either the whole team loses all collective points and returns to 0, or the whole team loses only 1 point. Keep track of points.

4. Assign two people to start as rope holders, one at each end of the rope, and have the other players line up to jump.

5. The person jumping gets to choose which game they want.

6. After each team jumps then switch to holding rope.

7. Once the team collectively reaches the points goal you win! 

Remote Recess Index Card Game - With Field Champion Joy Fawcett


Character Trait: Teamwork and Encouragement 

1. Work as a team on how fast can you touch the cards with your foot #1-30. 
2. You’ll need to create cards with writing one number on each card. 
3. Layout the cards or paper numbers all mixed up in space on the floor. 
4. Only 1 person can touch a card at a time. 
5. Starting with card #1, step on it and then the next person will step on the next number continuing until you reach #30. 
6. If you are playing by yourself, time your record or if you are playing with 2 people see who gets the fastest time. 

The New Pure Game Remote Recess Program!

Children are now at home and alone for large quantities of time. Because of the virus, they have little to no peer interaction. Add to this the constant bombardment of media and fear that tells them NOT to do what comes naturally, PLAY. Children don’t need to be told how to make friends, run, laugh, climb, and play. They do it naturally. Just take a moment and observe outside recess at an elementary school. Imagine this environment, close your eyes, and listen. You’ll hear laughter, excitement, arguments, discussions, joy, running, jumping, and climbing. All the necessary elements needed to thrive, grow, learn, and navigate this world.

Schools are doing a great job working to circumvent some of the challenges kids face during these unique times. Supporting families with the continuation of free meals, remote and on-line education, and parenting tip worksheets. However, with all of this effort, it still doesn’t alleviate that kids need physical activity, fun, and playful environments. And they still need interaction with positive adults.
As the remote learning, working, and social isolation continues to affect everyone, we know the levels of stress will continue to be high. Being able to offer services that could potentially lessen the impact of this stress buildup will have a positive effect on people’s health, the health of communities, and the state of the child’s well-being.
We believe we can continue to support our school partners, families, and kids by providing material to be used in the home. Our team is creating new videos, written content, and other resources that will help families keep kids active and engaged in experiential learning games and activities. Woven throughout our games are messages on integrity, respect, responsibility, and how they can continue to make positive and ethical choices in life. We are calling this the Pure Game Remote Recess program.