School programming

Kids are playing games and having fun and they don’t even realize they are learning some of the best lessons to live that well lived life.

What we offer our schools

Pure Game creates programming for children that integrates a character education curriculum, leadership coaching, and sport. Our programs increase and encourage physical activity (aligned with public school physical activity standards), incentivizes attendance, introduces new skills, and builds character. As an organization, our company values are Family First, Confidence with Compassion, Exercise a Growth Mindset, and above all else, Fun. We believe these values to encompass the importance of learning. Through play and experiential learning, we create memorable experiences and instill the life values that last far beyond the field of play and school.

How we developed our programs

Our programs have been developed by those who live and work in the neighborhoods we serve. This connection is an essential aspect of our programming because what we provide the children directly relates to them and their circumstances. Working with children on their level, understanding them emotionally, and helping them deal with their struggles allows our Field Champions to relate with them at a higher level. We create our positive outcomes because of the relationships developed between Field Champion and student.

Our Outcomes

  • Children reported feeling an increase in safety towards their peers after the Pure Game program increasing the likelihood of a sense of school connectedness
  • Students attitudes towards personal safety increased by 30% after participating in the Pure Game programallowing for an elevated capacity to engage in learning and attend school on a regular basis
  • After graduating from the Pure Game program, students reported feeling more confident in being able to make more positive and ethical choices
  • Pure Game participants reported an increase in their ability to stop and think about their actions as it relates to their goals with more regularity
  • Pure Game student participants demonstrated an increase in their ability to look on the favorable side of conditions and results in a team related activity


Teaching Character through S.O.C.C.E.R.

At the core of the Pure Game model is the S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) process, a decision-making process for responsible and moral thinking. The S.T.A.R. process develops and improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes; equipping kids with a valuable processing tool to work-through challenging situations, setting and achieving realistic goals, and understanding the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

While engaging in a variety of field activities and games, children learn to STOP an activity or behavior, THINK and assess the consequences of their ACTIONS, and learn the critical process of REFLECTion. We use this process to help children understand what is, or is not, working for them in any given situation, allowing them to make better choices in the future.

We use a modified form of soccer, and other adaptive sports-based activities to deliver our S.O.C.C.E.R. curriculum. Through these activities we create an experiential learning environment that helps with understanding, implementation, and provides immediate feedback for the children.

The S.O.C.C.E.R. curriculum teaches the core values of Self-Control, Optimism, Compassion, Cooperation, Encouragement, Respect, and Responsibility.

Providing positive role models who make strong connections to help kids become leaders

Creating Leaders through STAR SUCCESS

Coaching Leadership for S.T.A.R. SUCCESS

The Pure Game Leadership Program is the second phase in the evolution of the S.T.A.R model of character development. In this phase, S.T.A.R. is designed to teach kids the concept of Success Through Accepting Responsibility. We want kids to accept the consequences of their actions, make well-thought-out decisions, develop self-confidence, and formulate realistic and achievable goals.

We designed the S.T.A.R. S.U.C.C.E.S.S. curriculum to assist kids in connecting with their internal strengths and passions through Self-Awareness, Uniqueness, Creativity, Communication, Ethics, Self-Esteem, and Spirit.

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. program is implemented both on the field during supervised play, and off the field through interactive exercises, discussions, and reviews. Field Champions help kids unwrap their passions and aspirations through the physical activity of sport and thought-provoking discussions.

Teaching youth lessons they need to engage and live a successful life

Life Beyond School

The Life Beyond School program focuses on creating a solid personal foundation of social and emotional wisdom, acquiring tools to facilitate the navigation of work, trade school, or college. Crystallizing each student’s passions and skills into a clear understanding so that they can move onto a life well lived.

Our program remains rooted in the use of sport to deliver the content of this curriculum. By using specially formulated adaptions to sport we can teach youth skills such as SMART goal setting, the power of being present, understanding and using personal core values, overcoming
adversity, plan-B thinking, and much more.

Mentoring for Success

The older youth in the program are looking for something that prepares them for life beyond school. Our life skills programming helps with this transition and has also created a new staffing source. Working with these older teens, we offer them a process to join the Pure Game team.

Because these youth are young, dynamic, and “locally grown,” they understand the culture and community. This wisdom gives them an edge when delivering the message of change we provide.

Our Mentoring for Success program has the youth take part in our crawl, walk, run training system. Two-four weeks of shadowing our staff followed by an induction training. Two-four weeks of shadowing with added program responsibility followed by curriculum and game training. Two-four weeks of monitored program operations.

Jamie Johnson Literacy Program

Strong reading proficiency is a crucial part of children being able to achieve his or her full potential. Unfortunately, the statistics show that a high percentage of youth are behind on their reading ability. According to the Newport Beach-based Literacy Project Foundation; 57% of students failed the California Standards Test in English. Only 1/3 of fourth graders reach the proficient reading level. Only 25% of students in California schools can perform the necessary reading skills. 85% of juvenile offenders have problems reading.

We believe the problem isn’t a lack of ability within kids but rather a lack of positive, engaging reading environments. We know young children need regular, vigorous, physical activity to develop and grow properly. Active play strengthens bones, muscles, and the brain and establishes connections between all three areas. It is the brain we are more concerned with when it comes to literacy, but without the physical activity, there is no connection made throughout the entire body.

The Pure Game Character Club incorporates read and play sessions within our program. We separate sessions into 10-minutes of play, 30-minutes of reading, and then a further 20-minutes of play to complete the session.

Challenger Program

Because Pure Game’s focus in on creating a safe and inclusive environment, we have found it ideal for children who would not normally get involved with sport. We avoid teaching or coaching the game, there are no traditional teams and league, and we do not place any importance on skills and drills. Instead of these traditional sporting environments that can push kids with any form of disability away from sport, we focus on fun, encouraging, positive, and inclusive programming.

In a world of being under pressure to be the best, the skills we teach are critical in helping kids understand they are important and their lives matter.