Sphero Sport

Pure Game’s Sphero Sports Soccer outreach program will engage students in the growing popularity of Soccer and foster a passion to learn the critical STEAM skills needed for the modern-day world & jobs of tomorrow via Soccer, Coding and Play!

Introducing Sphero Sport

Sphero Sports introduces students to soccer and STEAM through hands-on, soccer-based coding and maths games. By combining soccer with interactive and engaging programming activities, students become Sphero Sports masters of 21st century skills.

Sphero Sports will engage students from all backgrounds in the game of soccer. For those students who may not identify as a soccer fan, but instead feel more comfortable learning and working with technology, the close alignment of soccer and analytics will open their minds to the game and may even create new soccer fans!

This all-in-one Sphero coding solution is perfect to get students excited about STEAM learning through a sport they already know and love, as well as providing soccer foundations with the perfect start in teaching STEAM Education.

Sphero Sports Soccer Code Mat

The Sphero Sports Code Mat is a premium high quality mat that seamlessly pairs learning with the Sphero Edu app. Perfect for sports foundations, educators and students, this soccer-themed mat offers a simple and accessible way to learn block-based coding, basic maths principles, and collaborative problem-solving.

The code mat also includes space for a team, league, school or organization logo to create a connection between the student and the brand.

Soccer Activities within the Sphero EDU app

The Sphero Edu app opens up unlimited opportunities for learning through play with no prior coding experience needed. With three levels of Sphero Soccer activities in the Sphero Edu app, students go on a journey as a professional soccer player developing their coding skills relating to passing, dribbling, and shooting.

Starting in the Academy developing the basics of block coding, students then develop into First Team training, with a final progression to more complex block code based Match Day activities, which provide the perfect pairing for hands-on coding concepts while having fun and playing soccer.

Sphero Sports Activities

20+ fun soccer activities via the Sphero Edu app

3 Learning Levels; Academy, First Team Training & Match Day

Passing, Dribbling & Shooting Activities

Aligned with computer science and soccer fundamentals

Fun approach to soccer analytics and understanding the principles of sports data

Easy access for all skill levels with no prior coding experience necessary

Free play via on pitch creativity and invention with the Sphero Sports Code Mat

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