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Practicing Vulnerability

Join Tiffany in this week’s Friday Challenge by practicing vulnerability. Check out what Tiffany shares with us in practicing vulnerability herself, and stick around to

Choose Life Friday Challenge

What could our lives look like if we chose to leave our masks behind, if we chose to face the deeper things, if we chose

Friday Challenge on Love

During the struggle that’s been happening in our world the past few months and around our nation the past couple of weeks, we want to

Ask for help Friday Challenge

In the midst of recovering from her broken arm from last week’s Friday challenge, Tiffany invites us to join her in asking for help. Check

The Compassion Friday Challenge

We challenge you to join us in spreading some love and kindness as we practice compassion in this week’s Friday Challenge. Get in on the

The Monsters Inc. Effect

My most significant learning since starting to work with youth is the importance of positivity. Having an intentional attitude around creating a positive environment is

How much fun are you having?

Brazil is playing Costa Rica in the 2018 World Cup. The commentator starts talking about fun. He continues to make the point that the idea

Pure Game STAR Winter Soccer Camp

Thirty students from Savanna School District were lucky enough to be part of the 3-day Winter Soccer camp put on by Pure Game at Stanton