Meet the Team

Tony Everett

“I believe children deserve a champion, someone who believes in them. By providing a positive role model who supports the development of their confidence and self-esteem, we can get these kids to believe in themselves. This will lead to an understanding of where his or her life is headed, making it easier for the child… Read More

Danny Torres

“For me Pure Game has had a huge impact on my life. It has changed my life around. I work with kids that are struggling in life. Now that I have been working with Pure Game for two years, I feel like a positive role model to my community and I… Read More

Danielle Brown

“I love my job! I want to continue to be a supportive, passionate and energetic role model for these kids so they can live fuller more purposeful lives. Every kid deserves a chance in life and every kid deserves to have someone that cheers for them. I am glad I am that… Read More

Jose Valente

“Volunteering with Pure Game has been the best choice I have made in life, not only do I have the opportunity to be a great leader and remodel in my community but I also get to go to other places around the world and change the lives of other affected children so they… Read More

Meet Our Board

Jimmy Puccini

“I joined the Pure Game family after witnessing Tony Everett’s vision, to encourage & shape the lives of marginalized youth, to work to change the actions of many participants. Pure Game uses a unique platform to first engage children by using the “pickup”, “backyard”, “street” soccer concept that’s free flowing and… Read More

Jeanette Valencia

“I believe every child deserves to be encouraged and shown that they are not defined by negative circumstances that they may face growing up. Pure Game is the voice of possibilities and I love the positive impact Pure Game has on children’s lives!”

Kietzke Opinion

I love serving on Pure Game’s board because it has allowed me to engage with an organization beyond a volunteer capacity. I have been onsite with the field champions and have met some of the students in the program, and I love being involved in developing the curriculum that will… Read More

Erik Woodbury

Outside of the legal arena, Erik is a lifelong soccer player, coach, and mentor.  Even now, as an over-the-hill former athlete, he still plays competitve soccer for a team in Orange County.  His passion for soccer and service brought him to Pure Game in 2013, when he joined a small… Read More

David Gardner

I’m excited to help spread the word about a cause and a philosophy that truly can change children’s lives. Contrary to what we sometimes see in stadiums and on TV, soccer offers so many positive lessons that we can learn from. Sport can and should enshrine life’s virtues and Pure… Read More

Jim D’Agostino

Dr. D’Agostino joined the Pure Game Board of Directors as a result of seeing how well the program worked at his school and other schools through the GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership) program and the profound impact it had on students. Pure Game gives at-risk students the opportunity to make… Read More

Eric McGrath

“I am excited to be a part of Pure Game because I like soccer, kids, and Tony & Chris…I want to see it grow and be successful.”

Andy Downer

“I believe that everything happens for a reason”.  From the first interactions with the PureGame team I knew this was a perfect case study to that phrase.   I also say “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  For the kids who attend the PureGame program, it’s almost impossible to imagine… Read More

Zajid Cova

I joined Pure Game for two reasons:  I have personally witnessed how Pure Game provides both Faith in Action and the Freedom in Play to children of Central Santa Ana.  I have seen Tony’s Faith in Action for a number of years now and his passion, not only for soccer, but for… Read More