With information from Elisa Gonzalez, Curriculum Coordinator

In the last month of the year, our Pure Game Field Champions teamed up with Lincoln Elementary, serving over 560 students weekly. The Santa Ana school is one of the biggest schools that Pure Game services and enjoys connecting with all of its students. With initial plans to host the sessions in-person, state and local regulations moved all sessions online, but bringing in-person sessions to a computer has been positive.

Pure Game Field Champions initially struggled to get students to turn on their computer cameras while doing the activities. However, as our Field Champions built trust with the shy students, and they felt more comfortable, more students turned on their cameras by the second week and enjoyed the sessions with their fellow students.

Most of our Field Champions start each session with stretches or a dance party to get students moving and will then transition to talking about the word of the day that adheres to Pure Game’s Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum.

The session is then followed by fun games; students have been fond of the musical chairs and scavenger hunt activities. These games have helped the Field Champions connect with the students. For example, when playing scavenger hunt Field Champions ask students to look for things that are meaningful to them. By asking them to look for certain items, students then want to share why it matters to them, opening the floor to open communication and trust.

These sessions are short and run quickly until we move onto the next class, but have been very fun and successful sessions, with many students asking for longer sessions.

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