PureGame and KidWorks joined forces to form the perfect duo to implement the S.T.A.R program, all in benefit of Orange County Youth. With three sites now operating, there is a total of 25 students participating overall, to maintain and uphold safety protocols.

The S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) model is a decision-making process for responsible and moral thinking. This process teaches children concepts, skills and behavior of good character, core values, and personal responsibility.

The day starts off with warm-ups and then Coach Peter Torrez discusses the word of the day with the students. Every week, Coach Peter has a full agenda of games for the session and includes activities to have students work on their soccer skills with a soccer ball.

The students’ favorite social distance game is the Rock, Paper, Scissors Snake game. This is a game where the kids bring out their best teamwork skills and have a blast while working together. The game has simple rules; students must run as fast they can in a snake form using cones. Once they meet, they get to play rock, paper and scissors, and whoever wins continues running, until they reach the last cone on the other team’s side. All of three different sites have had blast playing this game, and they all wished they had more time to play.

“I feel that PureGame and Kidworks teaming up is a wonderful idea because of the similarities that both organizations offer to their students,” said Coach Peter. “Mentoring the students is a big one, that’s one of the focus of both organizations. Lastly, I feel that Kidworks and PureGame are both great when it comes to working with our community. We both provide programs where kids can participate and come out and have some fun.”