Corporate team building has always been important for morale. Since the COVID 19 pandemic getting your business team together has been a challenge. More than ever creating team events is important for building team cohesiveness. Corporate events can not only bring your business team closer together it can spark creativity and innovation. At Pure Game, we build custom corporate team-building activities to helps spark your organization’s next big idea.

What are the benefits of team building?

Team-building activities create a sense of community. The benefits are that you as a team, build a sense of confidence and trust. You’re able to work well together and share your ideas effectively. You’re able to hold each other accountable and grow as a team. Other benefits of corporate team building include a sense of community Group socialization and participation. Team-building activities increase brain activity and bonding effects that contribute to positive group dynamics which increase company productivity. You are also able to form bonds with the other team members and encourage the team to be supportive of each other. Build your team’s leadership skills, teaching them strategies that help them develop their personal effectiveness as a leader.

Team building is an excellent way to find out the potential needs of your employees, which can also help them see what the company could look like in the future. Team building events also help create strong leadership skills and competitive spirit in the employees and can also give them the opportunity to compete against other groups of people and do things outside of their comfort zone.

How Corporate Team Building Reduces Expenses

The less expense you incur the more you can give back to your employees and create more value for your company. Many companies are starting to rethink the way they are organizing their company to reduce costs allowing more time for employees to focus. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by eliminating large events. More and more companies are realizing that small team-building events with one-on-one interaction are a lot more effective. According to EY, which interviewed leaders from 73 Fortune 500 companies, big-ticket events are no longer the best way to get people thinking creatively or coming up with fresh ideas.

How Corporate Team Building Increases Employee Retention.

Corporate team-building activities have the potential to increase employee retention for a number of reasons. By developing and maintaining a meaningful connection with each other, team-building activities have the potential to create a strong sense of community. The easiest way to achieve this is by celebrating your team’s achievements. “At Pure Game, we have perfected team building through our experiences, building bonds between teams, managers, and employees. Pure Game takes great care in creating team-building events that foster creativity and creativity that fosters company culture.” – Chief playmaker Tony Everett.

How Corporate Team Building Increases Employee Retention

Of all of the benefits of team building, there is no better reason than keeping your staff on board. A record number of Americans are now job-hunting. With the gig economy growing, they have many job options available for employers. Yet, there are a lot of reasons why employees leave their jobs. Job hopping is high and keeping talent happy in the face of more than 100 job openings in a single day is hard. For better retention, you can give your employees a chance to engage in an activity they would not normally do. According to Paul Thacker, Assistant Director of Engagement at CEB, a recent study found that 58% of employees at work say they plan to stay at their jobs for at least three years.

California corporate team building

By Pure Game Team Building Services The first thing to do is to ask your staff to write down their strengths and weaknesses and keep a checklist in their diary. Next, create a list of activities they can all do on a one-day off. The tasks you choose should be easy for everyone and also not stressful and will have a different impact on everyone in the group. Examples of these activities include team-building cook-offs, beach soccer, puzzle challenge, and other games that will have everyone in your group smiling.


The benefits of team building have not been more apparent. Team building activities increase company productivity, motivate your staff, build stronger relationships between coworkers and improve the ability of your business to perform tasks effectively. Our team is capable of producing corporate team-building events tailored to the needs of your business, taking you from simple team building to a special event that will set your company apart from its competitors. Contact the Pure Game today to see what we can bring to your organization.