For parents with kids in after-school programs, finding the right fit can be tough. Traffic and work schedules often make it impossible to pick up their child at a reasonable time, but that’s not an issue for The Pure Game soccer youth camp! We work with our community to find the best dates and times that work with our youth and parents.

Finding the right after-school program is difficult – especially considering traffic and work hours are likely going to get in the way of transportation. Luckily we’re here at The Pure Game soccer youth camp ready to help out where needed by working around those challenges with you as much as possible!

The Pure Game soccer youth camp is a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn the fundamentals of football in a safe environment. Our dedication to innovation and creativity, along with our commitment to excellence ensures that no matter what time constraints you have on your work schedule or how hectic life can get, we will always make sure there’s something special waiting just for them at The Pure Game.


Do you live in Southern California and have a child that is in school? While public schools may provide after-school programs, there are also private schools, tutoring centers, and even sports organizations such as Pure Game that host programs in the evenings. With all of the after-school programs available, it can be hard to decide what is best for your child. Some parents may opt for tutoring centers and sports organizations that have evening activities in addition to their daytime offerings while others might want a private school experience or public schools with afternoon extracurriculars.

Youth camps are great place for you child to make new friends, and get in their daily exercise. Our camp staff are knowledgeable and trained with the best practice not only when it comes to soccer but leadership skills. The Pure game works with children of all ages, kids ages ranging from 6 – 14 years old.

Youth Camp

Whether its during the school year or during the summer months, we typically have weeklong sessions or other virtual tech camps. Last summer was rough, all summer camp programs to a hit due to COVID 19 and California state regulations. This year our staff members are taking all state and local regulations for the safety of our youth by continuing to practice social distancing.

Currently Pure Game does not offer any overnight camps or overnight summer camps. We offer day camp that can you can register your child to by visiting this link. The children ages vary depending on what youth camp you sign up for. Although their are many nonprofit organizations that offer after school soccer programs at the Pure Game we make sure we teach and coach our youth to build confidence and social skills.

Finding the right after school program

It’s important for you to have the right after-school program for your child when he or she has just started going to school. This is especially true if they are new at a different elementary, as it can be an adjustment and parents should take this into consideration before choosing any given after-school activity.

What type of activities does your son like? Does he enjoy playing sports with others his age? Maybe there is an organization in the area that offers youth basketball on weekends during times that don’t interfere with their academic schedule! It’s important that you find just the right fit for them in terms of what time frame will work best; maybe something outside those hours would suffice better than one inside these ones – getting involved early could. If you would like to learn more about Pure Game and our track record, register your child at the Pure Game today.

What to look for in a youth camp

Youth programs are a great way to keep children active and out of trouble. If the program you’re interested in has safety standards that suit your needs, then by all means sign up! However, if they don’t have any requirements for staff or parents involved at their youth events – beware! At Pure Game we encourage both young children, mother’s and father’s to be present during our activities so there is always someone watching over them with quality supervision. We strive to make Pure Game the best camp in the state of California.

Our goal is to provide your child with the best summer camp experience possible. We understand that you want them to keep themselves busy, but be safe at all times while they’re here! That’s why we have safety standards in place for our staff and parents who are involved with their activities – so everyone has someone watching out for him or her.

Youth Camp

Youth camps are a place where you can make lifelong friends, children can increase skill development and receive new guidance. Not only learning soccer skills but social skills and leadership qualities to take with them as they grow up. Whether it is a traditional summer camp or an after school program in California study prove children learn essentially new skills.

Youth camp benefits for skills building

If you’re a busy working parent and your child is getting lost in the shuffle, youth camp may be just what they need. That’s because camps offer many benefits that will help them learn important skills like problem solving so when they face problems on their own later in life, it won’t seem as daunting to solve.

While some camps are geared more towards outdoor adventure activities or creative arts & crafts projects others allow kids to get messy with cooking classes! At the Pure Game, we focus on the fundamentals of soccer and building leadership qualities not. only with our staff but our youth. Building their character to become future leaders within our community.

Youth Camp

Our youth get very little time for themselves. All of our kids are either in after-school care, camp, or sports so finding the right youth program that fits your child’s schedule can be a challenge. Childcare By working parents, it is a challenge to find childcare for your child when they are not in school.

Other than daycare or babysitters, most kids have no other choice but to take advantage of programs such as before/after school programs, sports, or camps. As far as before/after-school care is concerned, most programs are supervised by volunteers from the neighborhood. Many are staffed by retired teachers or employees of after-school programs. Other programs require registration, school permission, and fees.


I hope these options helped you narrow down a program that best suits your kids’ needs. Take action and make your family’s schedule work with your kids’ school. Good luck! ” One of the most stressful parts of living in California, especially the Los Angeles area, is dealing with finding after-school activities for your kids.

Your child’s schedule is already packed with after-school programs and activities, especially if they are involved in a sports program or are in public school. In some cases, it’s extremely time-consuming and you might not even have the time to schedule these after-school activities. So what do you do? First and foremost, check to see if there are any requirements or fees to be a member.

One of the most stressful parts of living in California, especially the Orange County area, is dealing with finding after-school activities for your kids. Your child’s schedule is already packed with after-school programs and activities, especially if they are involved in a sports program or are enrolled at a public school.

In some cases, it becomes extremely time-consuming and you might not even have enough time to book all their desired classes; however, there may be other options that will suit them better than being stuck on one activity such as an art class where they learn new painting techniques from different artists every session! After considering these alternatives I hope this article was able to help narrow down which option suits your children’s needs best—not only because it provide peace