Our youth are not receiving sufficient physical, social, emotional, and mental health support.

Kids are struggling to make sense of a confusing world. Many kids lack the positive interactions needed to understand the negativity that surrounds them. This lack of positive interaction produces feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Kids are our future, and they shouldn’t have to struggle in this way.

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Kids will flourish with mentoring, leadership, and social-emotional learning material.

Programs that support leadership development and mentoring can help build confidence, encourage positive decision-making, and build social capital.

Youth mentor programs have been proven to positively impact many areas of a child’s life, and are especially critical for children living in poverty.

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What we offer our schools

PureGame creates programming for children that integrates a character education curriculum, leadership coaching, and sport. Our programs increase and encourage physical activity (aligned with public school physical activity standards), incentivizes attendance, introduces new skills, and builds character. As an organization, our company values are Family First, Confidence with Compassion, Exercise a Growth Mindset, and above all else, Fun. We believe these values to encompass the importance of learning. Through play and experiential learning, we create memorable experiences and instill the life values that last far beyond the field of play and school.

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How we developed our programs

Our programs have been developed by those who live and work in the neighborhoods we serve. This connection is an essential aspect of our programming because what we provide the children directly relates to them and their circumstances. Working with children on their level, understanding them emotionally, and helping them deal with their struggles allows our Field Champions to relate with them at a higher level. We create our positive outcomes because of the relationships developed between Field Champion and student.

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Our Outcomes
  • Children reported feeling an increase in safety towards their peers after the Pure Game program increasing the likelihood of a sense of school connectedness
  • Students' attitudes towards personal safety increased by 30% after participating in the Pure Game program allowing for an elevated capacity to engage in learning and attend school on a regular basis
  • After graduating from the PureGame program, students reported feeling more confident in being able to make more positive and ethical choices
  • PureGame participants reported an increase in their ability to stop and think about their actions as it relates to their goals with more regularity
  • PureGame student participants demonstrated an increase in their ability to look on the favorable side of conditions and resulting in a team related activity
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Mentoring for Success

The older youth in the program are looking for something that prepares them for life beyond school. Our life skills programming helps with this transition and has also created a new staffing source. Working with these older teens, we offer them a process to join the Pure Game team.

Because these youth are young, dynamic, and “locally grown,” they understand the culture and community.

 This wisdom gives them an edge when delivering the message of change we provide.

Our Mentoring for Success program has the youth take part in our crawl, walk, run training system. Two-four weeks of shadowing our staff followed by an induction training. Two-four weeks of shadowing with added program responsibility followed by curriculum and game training. Two-four weeks of monitored program operations.

Ways Your School Can Benefit

Apply for Subsidized Funding
As a nonprofit PureGame receives funding through grants and donations that can be used to help lower your investment.
Create District Group to Receive a Discount
Operating 3 or more schools in a single district will allow us to lower the cost of the program for all schools involved.
Host a Lunch and Learn to Get Your Peers Involved
A lunch and learn is a great way to understand how the program can be implemented at multiple school sites and save you money.
School District Partners
PureGame’s programming combines free, fun, simplified soccer play coupled with character education.

Our in-school programs are designed to help students stay physically active, develop essential life skills such as enhance mental resilience, leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making, using soccer as a platform. 

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