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The world is confusing, and young people need all the support we can provide them.

Without soft skills, character formation, mentorship and leadership development, kids can feel lost as they go through life. PureGame is changing how children develop by using the power of sport to help them make meaningful connections with peers and adults so that they can learn to create pathways to success of their choosing.

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Our Kids Are Learning The Critical Life Skills They Need To Thrive

Here are some of our objectives as an organization:
Developing Meaningful, Fun Connections
Know that your donation is going to children who need meaningful connections, helping them know they have what it takes, that they are good enough and belong, and that someone cares.
Provide Educational Conversations
Directly influence young peoples' confidence by connecting them to positive mentors who teach them life skills to help them make positive choices.
Create a Fun, Playful Environment
Schools in Orange County are seeing reductions in kids being absent, bad behavior, and disengaged youth because of donations like yours. Give kids a chance to play and get access to healthy activities.
Like you, we believe kids shouldn’t have to feel alone or confused in this world.
Our programs have helped 1000s of kids live a meaningful life.
  • 40,000 youth impacted across Orange County
  • 22,000 hours of positive youth development curriculum delivered
  • 120+ schools and community-based programs served
Donate to PureGame
You can help a child have a meaningful and intentional life.
Become a champion for children in Orange County.

Many kids are struggling to make meaningful connections and they are confused. This lack of connection and confusion produces feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. PureGame exists to create and deliver programs that help kids make the connections they need, and to improve self-esteem, bolster mental health, and increase resiliency. We do this because kids deserve to live meaningful lives.

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"The kids love it...
PureGame’s approach to reaching out to kids in a fun and interactive way is highly effective and best of all, the kids love it! PureGame’s desire to see kids grow is evident.”

- James Hong, Deputy District Attorney, OC GRIP.

"The program is even better than it seems...
The program has great tenants and background, but I’ve seen programs that are great on paper before. Pure Game is a program where it’s even better than it seems due to the leadership and ability to connect with the students.”

- Orange County School Principal

Programs We Offer
Your support ensures kids in our community receive hands-on-mentorship and sports-based character education programs.
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Work With Us To Change A Community By Championing A Life

Here's how you can support the cause:
Step 1 - Choose To Be a Champion
Make the choice to Champion A Child and let us know you want help.
Step 2 - Give
There are so many ways to help. You can give Your Wisdom, Encouragement, or Financial Support
Step 3 - Experience Transformation
Watch with awe as your contribution transforms lives, families and communities.
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You Can Leave A Lasting Legacy That Directly Impacts Your Community
There is nothing better than knowing you've made the world a better place because you have influenced the life of a young person.

Become a champion today.

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