A Sports-Based Social-Emotional
Learning Program

A nonprofit teaching kids the indispensable life skills needed to be successful.

A Sports-Based Social-Emotional
Learning Program

Teaching kids the indispensable life skills needed to be successful.

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Kids today are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Kids are asking the same questions we all have: Am I Good Enough? Does anyone care? Do I Have What It Takes? 

Without positive answers to these questions the world can be confusing and lead to poor choices being made.

Kids are our future and shouldn’t be struggling to make sense of this confusing world alone. It’s just not right!

Your Support Provides A Champion Who...

  • Helps kids find positive answers to the questions above
  • Creates a safe, fun environment for kids to thrive
  • Teaches essential life skills to help kids make positive choices
  • Are positive role models and mentors showing kids the way
  • Ensures the child feels seen and heard, and lets them know they matter
  • Has a playful heart
  • Helps them learn and grow

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Over 100 schools and community based programs served

Join us on a Mission

By 2026, we will provide 100,000 youth with mentoring to help them discover pathways to success of their choosing. Because kids shouldn’t have to struggle to make sense of a confusing world.


It is not right that kids are struggling?

There is a lack of social, emotional, and mental health support being provided to kids. This lack of support is creating confusion as kids look to find an answer to the question, we have all asked in our time: Have I got what it takes?

Without satisfactory answers youth feel overwhelmed, depressed, and anxious. Kids are our future and shouldn’t have to struggle with these emotions alone.


Providing kids a positive future

Pure Game kids learn to laugh and come together through sport. They leave the field each day knowing they have what it takes to be successful

We exist to create and deliver Social Emotional Learning programs that improve self-awareness, social-awareness, self- management skills, relationship skills, and responsible decision making to help combat negative feelings and put kids on a pathway to success.

What if more kids had access to positive role models to help them find satisfactory answers to life’s confusing questions?

W h a t i t m e a n s t o b e a C h a m p i o n .

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Y o u t h S o c c e r P r o g r a m s

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way for your child to get more exercise? Our soccer camps and clinics are designed to improve the overall skill level of children while having a blast! PureGamer’s will be challenged physically, mentally, and socially. We have a proven track record of providing high-quality soccer training and coaching that has led to increased self-confidence, leadership skills, and most importantly – FUN! 

PureGame Programs

Offering a safe space for kids to get and stay involved in sport is crucial for the physical, social, emotional, and mental health of kids.

What if all kids had access to a sporting program that let them have fun, kept them fit, and taught them the essential life skills that come from playing sport.

Playgrounds and sports fields are great place to teach kids about Social Emotional Learning, Physical Literacy, and have safe conversation about mental health.

Orange County School Partners

Sports-based activities – We increase heart rate and blood flow, improving a child’s metabolism leading to greater attention, awareness, and engagement. Studies show that when kids maintain higher levels of metabolic activity it positively affects overall health, and healthy children are better able to focus in school. 

News & Events

Two new team members

Pure Game in happy to welcome David Gardner and Kietzke Opinion as new Board Members. They both bring unparalleled enthusiasm to the

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