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  • Pure Game STAR Winter Soccer Camp

    Thirty students from Savanna School District were lucky enough to be part of the 3-day Winter Soccer camp put on by Pure Game at Stanton Central Park from December 27-December 29. Some of the students were determined soccer players, and others were beginners – but everybody had a great time.… Read More

  • When Soccer is Not Just a Game….

    By David Gardner THE boy with the heavily bandaged arm was back at school just days after nearly being killed in a gang fight just down the road in Lake Forest. If the stab wounds still hurt, he wasn’t showing it. “It’s fine, miss. I really want to play.” It’s… Read More

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Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that provides mentors “Field Champions” to help children develop character through experiential learning. Pure Game’s character education curriculum is facilitated through the game of soccer.