A Sports-Based Character
Education Program

A nonprofit teaching kids the indispensable life skills needed to be successful.


Today's youth are lacking authentic connections and positive role models.

Kids shouldn't have to struggle on their own, it's just not right!

Your Support Helps Kids...

  • Feel safe: kids want to know they they have what it takes, that they are good enough and belong, and that someone cares
  • Learn and grow: kids need mentors who teach them life skills to help them make positive choices
  • Have fun: kids want to play and need access to healthy activity

At PureGame, we know you want to be a champion for children in Orange County.

To do that, you need ways to positively impact kid’s lives.
While you want to make sure kids feel supported and cared for, it’s hard to know how to help.
Like you, we believe kids shouldn’t have to feel alone or confused in this world.



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Over 120 schools and community based programs served

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Share your wisdom with a young person.

If you could travel back in time and have a conversation with that scared fifth-grade version of yourself, what would you say?

Encourage young people so they can flourish.

What encouragement did you need when you were a child that you never received or what was a piece of encouragement that changed your life for the better?

Passionate people helping kids thrive.

Whether you choose to give a one-time donation or want to give monthly, your support changes the trajectory of kid’s lives . 

W h a t i t m e a n s t o b e a C h a m p i o n .

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Y o u t h S o c c e r P r o g r a m s

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way for your child to get more exercise? Our soccer camps and clinics are designed to improve the overall skill level of children while having a blast! PureGamer’s will be challenged physically, mentally, and socially. We have a proven track record of providing high-quality soccer training and coaching that has led to increased self-confidence, leadership skills, and most importantly – FUN! 

10 benefits of giving to a sports-based nonprofit organization

More kids are struggling with anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation than at any time in our history. 

 This is just not right! 

Young people feel they have to be the best at everything they do. There is less in-person social interaction, yet whatever they do is in the public eye. Youth are constantly playing the comparison game, and it’s hurting them.

You can help by becoming a Champion of Change. Download your copy of why supporting a sports-based program will benefit you and the kids served.

PureGame Programs

Offering a safe space for kids to get and stay involved in sport is crucial for the physical, social, emotional, and mental health of kids.

What if all kids had access to a sporting program that let them have fun, kept them fit, and taught them the essential life skills that come from playing sport.

Playgrounds and sports fields are great place to teach kids about Social Emotional Learning, Physical Literacy, and have safe conversation about mental health.

Good Things Are Coming

Your family helping others families thrive across Orange County CA.

You can join the fun!

Your support ensures kids in our community receive hands-on-mentorship and a sports-based character education program

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