We're all about helping today's youth get and stay connected.
At PureGame, we provide caring mentors and a sports-based character education program to help kids connect with peers and pave pathways to success - because all young people deserve to live a meaningful life.

Values of a Winning Team

Radically Empathetic
We demonstrate to those we interact with that they are seen and heard, that their lives matter, and we will be there for them in any way we can.
Relentlessly Optimistic
We see the best in people and desire that the best in them be transformed to a life lived at full potential.
Playful Heart
We understand that kids learn through play, so we meet them outdoors and on the field where they are most at ease.
The PureGame Team Actions

We Make Meaningful Connections:  

  • A meaningful connection is eye-to-eye communication with either a single child, a small group of youth, a partner staff member, a parent, or other PureGame staff members.  
  • Communication is two-sided, and so the PureGame staff will actively listen and provide feedback and assistance where needed. 

We Deliver Educational Programming:  

  • Educational programming is Field Champions delivering the PureGame curriculum.  
  • Field Champions will connect the SEL curriculum to real-life skills based on personal experiences and the student’s grade.  
  • Educational programming happens when PureGame staff train and educate our partner’s staff, parents, and other PureGame Field Champions in the work of connecting with young people.  

 We Create Sustainable Collaborations:  

  • A sustainable collaboration brings any funder to support the PureGame program. 
  • A sustainable collaboration is creating relationships with the youth we serve, so they desire to return to the program.  


The PureGame kids learn, laugh and come together through sport. They leave the field each day knowing they have what it takes to be successful.

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Orange County School Partners

Sports-based activities – We increase heart rate and blood flow, improving a child’s metabolism leading to greater attention, awareness, and engagement. Studies show that when kids maintain higher levels of metabolic activity it positively affects overall health, and healthy children are better able to focus in school. 

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