A new way to engage your staff.
PureGame offers a Corporate Team Building program like no other. When applied correctly, sports activities can strengthen people’s ability to engage at a higher level, open creative pathways, and connect with team members more openly.
Research demonstrates that twenty minutes of physical activity can improve cognitive engagement for up to two hours. It is this cognitive engagement that creates a positive team-building experience.
What you can expect:
  1. Your team will get to have fun, interact in different ways, and learn valuable personal and business lessons without being lectured.
  2. Your team will get creative, making up games for others to play.
  3. Your team will learn the importance of clear and concise communication.

We use sport to deliver outdoor, fun experiences, and we include ALL team members.

We will tailor fun and interactive games, depending on the specific needs of your organization. This engaging process will help you address business issues that may be affecting your team and your clients.

More Than Just A Team Builder

The fees for the event will directly impact children, schools, and the community.

We use the revenue raised from your event to subsidize new school programs in your area.

Your team will get to volunteer and join PureGame field champions at the school your fees sponsor.