Experience The Passion Our Staff Pour Into Our Kids

Watch this video as two brothers share their story:
We Are Passionate About Empowering Youth

We care about transforming lives.

We know that too many kids lack the positive interactions needed to understand the negativity that surrounds them.

This lack of positive interaction produces feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

PureGame exists to create and deliver programs that improve self-esteem, bolster mental health, increase resiliency, and help combat negative feelings.

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Values of a Winning Team

Caring Mentors: We are the Champions who guide and teach kids the indispensable life skills they need to be successful.

Compassionate Communicators: We listen, we learn, and we act on behalf of our kids.

Emotionally Intelligent: We nurture the relationship-building tools that serve to develop the next generation of leaders.

Playful Heart: We understand that kids learn through play, so we meet them where they are most at ease: outdoors and on the field.

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PureGame Team Actions

We Listen to Kids: We encourage expression by making sure kids know that we see them AND hear them.

We Create Content: We develop outstanding content proven to guide kids toward improved self-esteem, mental health, and resilience.

We Tell Our Story: We engage the larger community in the “why” of what we do, sharing our hearts and inviting like-minded individuals to support our mission.

We Play: We lead by example, sharing the joy of play and continue to grow ourselves in the process.

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Career Opportunities

If you think you have what it takes to be a real champion for the next generation, we are looking for:

  1. Dedicated men and women to become future Field Champions
  2. A grant writer with a heart for helping kids thrive
  3. A curriculum writer who can take real-life lessons and convert them into an engaging curriculum
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