Author: Adrian Beunder

From 1987 to 2004 this trailblazer of a soccer legend set records and standards for women’s soccer and by doing so, inspired countless of young Americans across the country. Boasting a modest 241 USWNT international appearances, two World Cup championships, and two Olympic gold medals, she’s done a lot for women in the sport by not only inspiring with her play but now bringing a professional women’s soccer club to LA! Her achievements would be more than enough to boost anyone’s ego, but she remains as humble and determined as ever in helping fulfill Pure Game’s mission to help kids get active and grow to become champions in life. As she coaches and mentors kids across SoCal, she continues that inspirational work she did on and off the field by joining the Pure Game family and leading by example. This week’s Field Champion spotlight is on the champ herself, Joy Fawcett!

Pure Game: How did you get involved with Pure Game?
Joy Fawcett: I met Tony while he was coaching at our club and he was my daughters coach. He left to go and start Pure Game, after leaving the club soccer world and I started volunteering for Pure Game, loved it and ended up staying.

PG:  How has Pure Game helped you in your personal development?
JF: The character traits and values we teach the kids each day are great reminders to me to be confident, try new things, be a good friend, stay positive in my life. Especially this last year being a part of Pure Game has challenged me to be more creative and learn new skills like the computer!

Pure Game works with 4 Anaheim school students. I work mostly in South County but in my position, I am lucky enough to get to visit all the schools throughout the year!

PG: How would you describe the Pure Game in your own words?
JF: Pure Game is a great organization that provides students with positive role models who help students see the benefits of good values and positive character traits through fun and games!

PG:What kind of Impact have you seen in the schools the Pure Game services?
JF: The most immediate impact I have seen are the smiles on the faces of students and the kind way students treat each other. I have also seen kids grow more confident and try new things throughout the program.

PG: Why should people support Pure Games Programs
JF: People should support Pure Game because every child deserves to believe in themselves and not be afraid to try new things. This is why I love working with the students through Pure Game. I love hearing their stories and what is happening in their day. I have found they are more open to listening when they know they are being heard.