There is a void inside many of us demanding our attention. We create our voids from a scarcity mentality. We don't feel good enough, we don't have enough, or we're not doing enough.

We go through life's training ground of wanting to be and do more. We are encouraged by our parents and grandparents to move on to that next phase; sitting, crawling, walking, and running. Then we get to school and are taught our ABCs and 123s. This progress leads to the next level of learning and growth, all the while never feeling we have arrived. This continual growth and development is, of course, a good thing. We would still be sitting in our diapers waiting for our next meal if we didn't have it.

We continue through life with a feeling that when we learn that next thing, get that new toy, or receive some recognition, we will be complete and capable of starting our life as a whole person.

Instead of trying to fill a void of our incompleteness, what if we build an incredible work of art with our lives? Could we adjust how we look at ourselves? Could we see a complete foundation and create a beautiful cathedral knowing we have what it takes?

How do we do this? To start, we want to realize we have been trying to fill that void. Own the fact that the feelings of not enough are self-imposed.

Your subconscious brain has been educated to think that you are not enough. It happens in our homes and schools as we grow up learning about all the things we don't know. How can it ever feel enough if there is always something we don't know? By acknowledging that we will never know all we need to know or own all we want, we can move into the thought process of being and having enough.

With this solid foundation in place, you can stop filling and start building.

It's time to create something magical. You can create a symbolic image of building something in your life, like a cathedral or picture the actual life you are looking to develop, like becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Learning to build and create provides you with a powerful tool because the act of creation gives the brain a positive image to attach itself. It is like a magnet of positivity. With this positive image, you are open to more connections in the brain, more creativity, and more opportunities.

You have the foundations in place. Start placing one brick on top of another to build the life you are looking to create. My challenge for you is to identify the first brick. What capstone brick do you need to put in place for the building process to begin? Can you picture the life you want and start the work of building up rather than back fill.




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