Author: Angela Kight

#GivingTuesday is here! Today officially kicks off the charitable season and the end-of-year giving. It is a day that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, spread kindness, and celebrate generosity.

You can participate in #GivingTuesday and give the gift of sports and education to Orange County youth by supporting Pure Game! Our #GivingTuesday Donor Competition is live now and still running! The winner will be announced on Wednesday on the Pure Game Instagram account and the winner will win an Echo Dot or Kavalan Whiskey bottle!

Pure Game’s goal is to raise at least $1,000. Contributions will help Pure Game continue to provide programs and activities to help kids stay healthy and active. So far, we have raised a minimal amount, but you can help us reach our goal! 

If you are unable to make a monetary contribution at this time, there are other ways you can still participate in #GivingTuesday!

  1. Volunteer your time with Pure Game.
  2. Share our social media channels in your organizational and personal social networks.
  3. Share our #GivingTuesday #GivePG posts.
  4. Share kindness with others!

Remember that the magic of the holiday season isn’t about presents, but it is about reflecting on what you have and the opportunities that arise to help others in need. Thank you for your support! Reaed More From Us…