Author: Adrian Beunder, with information from Elisa Gonzalez, Field Champion

The Pure Game family is proud to announce the success and fun we’ve been having at our camp with Jordan Intermediate!

At Pure Game, we’re proud of how we’ve been able to adapt to challenging times and craft a dynamic and engaging curriculum to get kids active, stay socially connected, and most importantly, have fun!

This month’s after-school sessions haven’t been limited to ZOOM sessions, and we’ve crafted a socially distant and safe in-person curriculum because we know how important physical and social activity is for kids.

How have we done this? Well, we’re abiding by state and local guidelines for social distancing, making sure the students have specific areas for their water, having a specific station or area where they play our fun fitness and social-emotional oriented games as well as giving them their own equipment which they don’t share with others during the entire course of our programs.

Students haven’t been able to attend school in person, so these camps have come at a crucial time for them to interact, share their thoughts, and be proactive. These camps, as well as everything else the Pure Game team runs, have a main underlying goal: We want our students to play, learn, be respectful, and most importantly, have fun! 

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